P & L Associates

The history of P & L Associates begins in 1989 when we first started our software development programme for CSA, a company secretarial system designed for professional and corporate users. In fact, P & L could be regarded as one of the few pioneering companies in the software programming business in Hong Kong.

Following the successful launch of the CSA program, the company began building up a solid professional and corporate customer base as well as an industry-quality programming team. From DOS to Windows, and then to the Internet's ASP and Java environment, we are closely matching the technological advancement.

The products that we have developed in the past includes:

1. MBAnywhere System (Web based)

2. CSA, the Company Secretarial System (Windows)

2. Auditwork Professional (Windows)

3. CSA Webviewer (Web based)

4. Hedgefund partnership administration and accounting system (Web based)

5. Timesheet Professional (Windows)

6. TimeReport for California tax authority's Tax Auditor's time reporting system (DOS)

7. STR, California Sales Tax Reporter for sales tax and exempt certificates management system (DOS)


CSA Expert
MBA System
CSA Webviewer
CSA Report Generator for Excel
CSA Professional (obsolete)