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For you to provide the latest breakthrough in three-dimensional CAD

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Alibre Design 11.0: Now Available!
Alibre proudly offers the latest installment of its ground-breaking 3D CAD, Alibre Design version 11, which is now available to the public.

Our latest performance enhancements and additions make this the most productive Alibre Design to date. A laundry-list of new features drastically reduce the time it takes to perform common modeling tasks, and expanded customization options give the user control over the design interface. Both 2D and assembly modeling performance have taken another leap forward from their predecessor Alibre Design 10.0, while the addition of the Alibre VaultTM now provides completely integrated data and process management for all your files and workflows.

From the leaders in Personal CAD/CAM comes Alibre Design 11.0, another major innovation in opening up professional and affordable 3D design to everyone.

Alibre Design 11.0 Now Shipping

Latest Release Doubles Performance, Delivers World-class PDM, Dozens of User-requested Enhancements

Alibre CAM Makes 3D Parametric CAD/CAM Accessible to Everyone

Alibre CAM Xpress First Free 3D Parametric CAD/CAM Solution >>

August 2006MCAD Magazine Reviews Alibre Design 9.0

"Alibre Design is very cost-effective. For what you pay compared to all that you get, it’s a great deal. I’m very happy that I pushed my company to buy Alibre Design"

Gaspar Acevedo, Magove S.A.

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