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Providing vertical IT solutions to the telecommunication industry and logistics industry for years

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EPRO Systems Limited (EPRO), a listed company in Hong Kong, has a subsidiary group of companies offering a full range of services and solutions in the IT&C filed. Established in 1985 in Hong Kong, EPRO has built a strong presence in China since 1990.

Key Business Focuses

IT software development outsourcing service - Offering IT software development services of any stage in SDLC , either on-site and/or off-site, to companies which require quality and cost-effective services to undertake software development work. Followed widely accepted methodologies and practices, EPRO's working model is to create a fusion of cross-cultures, multi-lingual, different technology architectures and skills to render world-class services to our clients anywhere, anytime.

System Integration and Services - Supplying integrated turnkey application solutions to government departments, utilities, banks, local corporations and MNCs. As a leading IT solution provider, we provide a wide range of comprehensive services to our clients, ranging from platform migration, product localization, client/server, multi-tier and web-enabled architectural solutions. Our success comes from implementing and adopting proven methodologies and processes, working closely with strategic alliances, enabling us to integrate and support different hardware and software as part of our systems integration solutions.

Industry solutions - Providing vertical IT solutions to the telecommunication industry and logistics industry for years. Led by expert managers, each of whom is an experienced specialist in the domain vertical to provide consulting and implementation services to add real value to your organization. Our proven product solutions will give you a package unmatched in productivity.

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