Hong Kong Equipment Centre incorporated in 1980 specialized in the design and build of Data Centres and Computer Rooms.

We are dedicated to deliver the best brand name components and equipment at our most competitive price. We have the most qualified well trained service technicians and engineers for our service team to provide on-site service for equipment, cabling, network set up. We shall used our best endeavor to remedy any stoppage as promptly as it is able and likewise use its best endeavor to keep the equipment and system in good working order. We have in house consulting service to tailor your needs at the most cost-effective way.

Our products and Services

We supply, install and maintain the products and services on Uninterrupted Power Supplied system, Power Supply Systems, Copper and Fibre Optic Structure Cabling Systems, Wireless LAN Systems, Raised Floor System, Computer Room Closed Circuit Air-conditioning Systems, Computer Room Water Detection Systems, Fire Detection and Protection Systems, Access Control Systems and Fault Reporting Systems, Cabinet, Racks, and Enclosures.

Our Profile

Our customers are major banks, insurance companies, government departments, utility companies, many major IT vendors and many other vertical markets. We had been successfully built and maintained for numerous customers.


Uninterrupted Powered Supplied System
Power Supply Systems
Copper and Fibre Optic Structure Cabling Systems
Wireless LAN Systems
Raised Floor System
Computer Room Closed Circuit Air-conditioning Systems
Computer Room Water Detection Systems
Fire Detection and Protection Systems
Access Control Systems & Fault Reporting Systems
Cabinet, Racks, and Enclosures

Data Centre infrastructure system design and implementation services

Our scope of work includes Design Installation, maintenance and repair for data centre this include:-

Power distribution system.     
UPS System, Power Condition, Voltage Stabilizers, and Isolation Transformer.
Precision Computer grade Air - Conditioner.
Access and Security control systems.
Fire detection and protection systems.
Water detection systems.
Raised floor systems

Our address
Unit 12, 11/F., Kingsford Industrial Centre,
13 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Telephone: (852) 2337 0241
Fax: (852) 2338 2615
Web: http://www.hkectr.com/contactus.html

Our Email
Sales department: sales@hkectr.com;
Customer Services Department: support@hkectr.com