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Beyond IVR Limited

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Beyond IVR Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 2004 with a group of telephony expertise, project leaders, experienced designers, and system architect to provide a complete and flexible telephony solution to customers.

The company developed and delivered solution significantly on IVR Solution, IVR Hosting, IVR Customized Project, Outbound IVR, Telemarketing and Call Reminder solutions primarily on SME in Hong Kong and China.


IVR Hosting Service

·24-hour IVR Service with Multi-lingual Support
·Serve the Customers Worldwide
·IVR Call Flow with Unlimited Level of Navigation
·Instance and Unlimited Voice Prompt recording
·Special Hot Promotional Message
·Voice Mail
·Operator Transfer
·Conversation Recording
·Public Holiday and Office Hours Checking
·Alert on New Voice Mail
·Usage Report
·Acknowledgement Call Back

Call Alerting Service
·Calls could be made on one-time or in regular basis
·Escalation path for not answer / busy call
·Statistical reports available for number of answer and key response
·Unlimited update of voice prompt

IVRS Project
For individual project design and development, please contact our sales team.

·Email: enquiry@beyondivr.com
·Sales Hotline: (852) 8100 9598 press 01

A 24-hour IVR demonstration hotline is available at (852) 8100 9598, press 2 in the main menu.

Four Demonstration Call Flows:
·Press 1 for Properties Hotline Demo
·Press 2 for Call Alerting Demo
·Press 3 for Call Survey Demo
·Press 4 for Call Quiz Demo

Beyond IVR Limited

Room 403, Lap Fai Building
8 Pottinger Street
Central, Hong Kong

Fax: (852) 8105 9598
Email: enquiry@beyondivr.com

Demo Hotline: (852) 8100 9598
Sales Hotline: (852) 8100 9598 press 01
Support Hotline: (852) 8100 9598 press 02

Web Site : http://www.beyondivr.com/

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