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IB Music Tutor,音樂科補習老師,IB Music HL 7/7,可補IB/AL/DSE/GCSE音樂,協助學生作曲/寫音樂論文/音樂考試/增進樂理知識,所有補我我嘅學生都都攞到7

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    Oboe Violin II dolce dolce Ob. espress. Vla. espress. Figure 7. The returning 1t theme in the recapitulation played by 1stoboe, 2nd violins, and violas in bars 302-309 The returning of the 1st theme is present at the beginning of the recapitulation as illustrated in Figure 7. The motive in the red bracket uses an inverted motive (E-F sharp-E); it is played an octave higher than the red bracketed motive of Figure 2. The motive (D-E-D) in the blue bracket uses an augmentation and inversion; it is similar to bars 6-8 of Figure 2, but it is played two octaves lower. Moreover, a transitional phrase, which has a rhythmic change in motive (A-G-sharp-A), is played by the viola part while the 1st oboe plays the 1st theme. The transitional phrase, to some extent, acts as a countermelody  text,font,line,music,paper
    VARIATIONS ON A THEME!!! It has come to my attention that there is a significant link between the two piano works that I encountered. Johannes Brahms's romantic work "Variations and Fugue on a theme of G.F. Handel for Piano, Op. 24" and Oscar Peterson's jazz work "Summertime" both included a technique known as "variations on a theme". Despite their major differences in melody and style, I believe it will be an exciting opportunity to explore the links under the form of "variations on a theme" within this two polar opposite works. BUT WAIT!!! WHAT IS "VARIATIONS ON A THEME?" Theme refers to the main theme or melody of the piece. It is usually presented at the beginning of the piece. . A variation refers to the music that is similar to the theme but not entirely identical with the theme. NOw..WHO ARE THE COMPOSERS? JOHANNES BRAHMS OSCAR PETERSON "Johannes Brahms." Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 27 Jan. 2018, en.wikipedia.org/w text,human behavior,poster,font,jaw
    91 rit.- - - - Cl. rit. 2= 55 Pno. 3 Variation 5J-130 97 Cl. f pesante Variation 5J130 Pno. PPP Jf fpesante 104 CI. Pno.  music,sheet music,text,font,line

Tutor's profile and qualifications:

-Attained 7/7 in IB Music Subject Higher Level

-Attained 29/30 in creating/composition

-Awarded International Baccalaureate Music Subject Prize

-Attained the highest score in IB Music Subject among the cohort

-Awarded A with full marks in IB Music Extended Essay

-Attained LTCL with distinction in piano, violin, and viola

-Attained ABRSM Grade 8 Theory with merit


Contact Information:

Tel./WhatsApp: 5681-4293 (Chester)

E-mail: [email protected]

Skype: chester_chia



-IB Music, including Creating/Composition, Written Paper 1 Examination, and Musical Links Investigation

-Other programmes of music subject, including DSE/AL/DSE/GCSE


Best students:

-All my IB students till now attained a 7 in their IB Music Subject

-IB 43+: HKU BBA Law, CUHK Law




-Up till this moment, all of my students have achieved a Level 7 in their IB Music subject

-I have helped students who are struggling with their internal/external assessments. If you are a person that does not know how to compose well, or someone that has no clue in writing a Musical Links Investigation, I am definitely your right choice.

-I helped students who have no clue in responding to a Paper 1 Question. I teach students the skills and techniques that is necessary to structure a Level 7 response without the need to memorise all different genres of music.


QUESTION: How can I help you with creating/composition?


-Provide you with free samples of Level 7 compositions and recordings for your reference

-Introduce you to different composition techniques which can easily boost your grade if used adequately

-Continuously making edits to your composition and providing guidance throughout the process

-‘Proofread’ your composition and see if there are any mistakes

-Help you with notations, making the score more comprehensible


QUESTION: How can I help you with Musical Links Investigation:


-Provide you with free samples of Level 7 Musical Links Investigation for your reference

-Conduct research, make in-depth analysis, and find possible links to your chosen pieces

-Continuously making edits to your document and providing guidance to your analysis

-Help with formatting of the document so it would be more comprehensible


QUESTION: How can I help with Written Paper 1 Examination?


-Provide you with free samples of Level 7 responses as well as past papers, marking schemes and recordings

-Teach you the skills and techniques required for a Level 7 response without knowing all the history and context of different genres of music

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