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我是DEREK CHAN, 本人提供關於數學、物理、統計的個人課程和小組課程輔導,畢業於香港大學,主修數學及物理而且有豐富的全職補習經驗。如欲知道更多課程詳情,請按以下連結

全職私人補習導師 - Private Tutor ( 物理補習 、 數學補習 、 統計學補習 ) 香港大學畢業–主修數學及物理。有豐富的全職 IB、DSE、AP、IGCSE、GCE-AL補習經驗。 聯系電話:6412-4748 (Derek Chan)


I am  Derek CHAN, I  provide tutorial lessons about Mathematics, Physics and Statistics to full-time and part-time students, and all of lessons and  is a graduate majoring in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Hong Kong and with rich experience in teaching courses like DSE, IB, IGCSE, GCE-A Level, AP, SAT etc.
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The results from students in public examination

call or whatsapp 6412 4748 if you would like to be one of them

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