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課程目標 : 外籍英語老師會教拼音法讓學童從小培養純正英文口音 。採用日常英語對話、故事角色扮演、小組會話等教學,將常用英語會話及技巧、語法和詞彙英語融入遊戲、故事當中,從而學習英語。小班教學確保所有小朋友都能學以致用


The aim of this course is to encourage young leaners to speak native English with confidence. We teach phonics, conversation, vocabulary, speaking, idioms, Trinity, Cambridge, and Letterland to name a few. We can assist with poetry, music, or using English in art. We engage students through interactive speaking activities such as group conversation, role-play, and sing-a-long. 
備註 Our NET Teacher is well-qualified and experienced child educator. Has been teaching English to both children and adults for over 10 years. With a Master’s Degree in Education, he understands the needs of students from both LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL schools.


時間 逢星期六12-1pm
堂數 每月$680(4堂)
年齡對象 4歲至8歲幼童
上課地址 北角渣華道渣華大
報名方法 請whatsapp 63065693查詢或email到[email protected]"
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