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Native French and Spanish + English trilingual tutor

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I grew up in a multilingual family (English/French/Spanish) who always complemented each others in languages & cultures.

My father, a Frenchman who owned a computer repair store in Spain where he met my mother on her teacher exchange program.
She is a Mexican-American; a natural linguist who has been teaching several languages for more than 30 years in Europe.
I was born in Mexico so was my mother. We have always been fascinated by languages throughout our lives. She is a constant sources of inspiration to me.
During my high school in Spain 
I set foot in my fathers business and thus discovered my passion for computers.
In the meanwhile I began teaching languages in order to support my expenses until I graduated from University with a bachelors degree in Paris.
I am a well-travelled individual, having working experience in different countries such as UK, USA, and Canada. This has allowed me to obtain cultural diversity and adaptability.                                        
Furthermore, I spent my leisure time tutoring languages to Chinese people online. Hence benefited from the mutual learning for my own edification. 
Due to my congenital condition and diversified background I inherited the ability of tailoring lessons to address students weakness. 
For or more information, get in touch on whatsapp: 52443768 or contact me at: [email protected]
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