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IB/IGCSE Design and Technology Tutor Available

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IGCSE - 9A* and 1A, including Top in the World for Design and Technology

University Offers(Product Design) - Loughborough University, Northumbria University, Brunel University etc.


I am most fluent in English as it is my mothertongue, though I also speak Cantonese and Putonghua. 

Approach to Tutoring

Will focus on coursework as it takes large percentage of the overall subject grade and is the best strategy in getting a higher grade. Theory will be taught following the syllabus point by point, especially for IB DT as it is a relatively new syllabus. As i have gone through IGCSE DT and the new IB DT syllabus, I am familiar with the critical aspects that students should focus on to obtain as high marks as possible. 

For further discussion, please contact by Email at [email protected] or by Whatsapp via +852 92283372.

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