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Montessori Playgroup 蒙特梭利應用課程,各級面試訓練班,幼兒學前班, Phonetics拼音班,尖子特訓課程,禮儀班,英語國際証書班,IB,IGCSE,DSE,成人語言班等等

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Fun Paradise is managed by gifted personner. From the deep roots of our understanding and empathy, we are in an excellent position to provide children with professionality, individuality and talents. At Fun Paradise, we value diversity, providing a platform in nuturing for self-learning.Our playgroup uses play,investation and interaction to stimulate learning. Our goals are to increase the brain power of our students,nuture them to become both creative and logical thinkers,and to equip them with effective learning skills. With our well-rounded programmes,we aspire to help our children develp attributes and traits that will benefit them for a lifetime.

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