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UK 英國GCE(A-Level) (AS/A2) / GC

本人就讀University Of Bristol大學Economics & Finance課系Second year,留學英國超過8年. 英文廣東話同樣流利,可以英文(帶英格蘭中部口音)或廣東話授教.

小學五年班開始已在英國留學,曾考Year 6 SATs,英國GCSE和A-Level (GCE). A-Level取得 3A* (Maths,Economics,Physics) 1A (Biology) 的佳績.

A-Level Economics Paper 1 (AS) 和 Paper 4 (A2) 同得100/100 UMS 滿分.

UoB 1st Year exams 1:1 全First Class成績.

OCR(最有經驗), Edexcel,AQA board同樣沒有問題.

上門每小時收費 200 ~ 250 (按照地點,已元朗地區為最便宜)

Whatsapp +85298243086 / 98243086

手機 55005730 Ken


Currently studying at the University Of Bristol as a second year Economics & Finance undergraduate. Having spent over 8 years studying in the UK, I am capable of speaking English (with a mild Midlands accent) and Cantonese, both equally fluent.

Been studying in the UK since year 5, with plenty of experience in  year 6 SATs, GCSE and A-Level GCE.

A-Level : 3 A* grades (Maths, Economics, Physics) and 1 A grade (Biology).

Achieved full UMS marks (100/100) in Economics Paper 1 and 4 (AS and A2 respectively).

Gained 1:1 Fisrt class results in University Of Bristol 1st year exams.

Able to tutor for exams from most mainstream boards, such as OCR (highly experienced), Edexcel or AQA.

Tutition fee ranges from HKD 200 ~ 250 (Depending on location, Yuen Long district would see the lowest charge)

Whatsapp +85298243086 / 98243086

Mobile 55005730 Ken

Time negotiable.

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