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IGCSE/GCSE Chemistry and Biology IB (Standard and Higher) / International A Level Chemistry Tutor

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Experienced Full-Time Science Tutor

Chemistry and Biology Teacher

Name: Miss Alice Chung              

Contact- E-mail: [email protected]         Mobile: 9041 9885

Masters degree in International Business Management, Germany

Masters degree in Forensic Science from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

BSc in Forensic Science and Criminology

Secondary School in Plymouth College

6 years IGCSE/GCSE/IB/International A Level teaching experience in private one-on-one and small/large group tutoring. 

98% of the GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry and Biology Students achieved A or above. 

90% of the A Level Student achieved A or above

Current Students Are From:

International Schools  Overseas Schools
West Island School Sevenoaks School
Sha Tin College Oakbrook School
KGV Cardiff Sixth Form College
German Swiss International School Bournemouth School
Renaissance College  
South Island School Local Schools
Island School St. Stephens Girls College
  Heep Yunn School
  St. Joseph’s College
  Diocesan Girls’ School

If you have any quiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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