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Joyous Education
Tel: 5600 9664
Room 2202, 22/F, Fortune Commercial Building, 362, Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan

Joyous Education / English Tutorial Classes /Upper Primary/Junior Secondary/Upper Secondary/DSE

Complete HKDSE Preparation Programme (English Language) 中學文憑試英國語文科綜合課程 / Grammar Smart 文法進階課程 / Speaking Smart 活用英語班 / Enhancement Classes 英語超前班

Complete HKDSE Preparation Programme (English Language)中學文憑試英國語文科綜合課程
Grammar Smart 文法進階課程
Speaking Smart 活用英語班
Enhancement Classes 英語超前班

We have an experienced team of tutors who could cater for the learning needs of the English subject from Upper Primary to DSE levels. Our tutors coach students to excel in public exams in all the components of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Ms Lai
MA (University of Nottingham)
ELT teacher training and English textbook publishing background
With over 20 years of English teaching experience at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels

Ms Snipe
MA (University of London)
ELT teacher training background and English textbook author
Experienced Secondary School English subject Panel Chair
Years of English teaching experience at Secondary and DSE level

Mr Wilson
Med (University of Hong Kong)
Experienced ELT teaching experience
ILETS Examiner

高小全科補習班 ( 小四至小六 )
上課時間   星期一至五下午 4:00 – 7:00   學費    
           3天,每天1.5小時              ($1,300)
           3天,每天2小時                ($1,600)
           5天,每天1.5小時              ($1,800)
           5天,每天2小時                ($2,200)

初中全科補習班 ( S1 - S3 )
上課時間   星期一至五下午 5:00 – 7:00   學費
           3天,每天1.5小時              ($1,500)
           5天,每天1.5小時              ($2,200)

私人上門, 私人補習, 補習社
小學, 初中, 高中
常識, 全科, 中文, 英文, 數學, 通識教育, 化學, 地理, 歷史, 電腦, 純數, 生物, 物理, 綜合科學
星期一, 星期二, 星期三, 星期四, 星期五, 星期六
1 小時
10 年以上
Mall-E 精選產品