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中大數學一級榮譽 狀元精英數學軍師 Your Elite Mathematics Coach from CUHK First Class Honour

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中大數學一級榮譽         狀元精英數學軍師

Your Elite Mathematics Coach from CUHK First Class Honour

想成就大學神科夢?  想享受學習數學一定要揀Tutor Will !

When there is a Will, there is a way to your Dream School AND success in Mathematics!

我的資歷及教學經驗 My Qualifications as Your Tutor

-     香港中文大學數學系一級榮譽畢業生 
       First Class Honour, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Chinese University of Hong Kong

-     香港中學會考取得7A, 拔尖入讀數學系
        7As in HKCEE, matriculation through Early Admission Scheme

-      七年專業經驗補習導師
        7 year experience Tutor in IB, GCE/IAL, AP, IGCSE, DSE

-      IB狀元與劍橋精英之師
        Tutor of IB 45/45 achievers AND Cambridge elites  

補習科目 Available Subjects 

IB Math HL/SL/Further HL, Physics, Extended Essay (Math/Physics)

GCE/IAL/IGCSE All Math & Physics

AP Calculus, Statistics, Physics

最佳成績 My Best Students 

  • IB 45/45 Perfect Score (2017 from SPCC, Predicted 2020 from DBS)
  • IB: Cambridge Law (Predicted 45/45 from DBS), HKU MBBS (44/45 from DBS), HKU Law (44/45 from LPC), CUHK Global Business, Imperial College EEE, U of Queensland Vet Science
  • GCE:  UCL Pharmacy, UCL Economics

聯絡方式 My Contacts

Tel./ Whatsapp:  92390859  (Will)

Email:  [email protected]  

聯絡資訊 此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性