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中大數學一級榮譽 IB狀元精英之選 IB/GCE/AP數學+物理+Oxbridge Admissions軍師

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中大數學一級榮譽         狀元精英數學軍師

Your Elite Mathematics Coach from CUHK First Class Honour


想成就大學神科夢?  想享受學習數學一定要揀Tutor Will !

When there is a Will, there is a way to your Dream School AND success in Mathematics!

我的資歷及教學經驗 My Qualifications as Your Tutor

-     香港中文大學數學系一級榮譽畢業生 
       First Class Honour, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Chinese University of Hong Kong

-     香港中學會考取得7A, 拔尖入讀數學系
        7As in HKCEE, matriculation through Early Admission Scheme

-     劍橋數學系入學試頂級成績
        Achieve Top Grade S in Paper 2 & 3 of Cambridge STEP (Mathematics Department Entrance Exam)

-      資深數學私人補習導師
        Proficient Mathematics Tutor in IB, GCE/IAL, AP, IGCSE, DSE

補習科目     Available Subjects 

IB Math HL/SL/Further HL, Physics, Extended Essay (Math/Physics)

GCE/IAL/IGCSE All Math & Physics

AP Calculus, Statistics, Physics

Oxbridge Mathematics Department Admission Tests (Cambridge STEP/Oxford MAT)

學生來自  Schools of My Students 

IB:           St Paul Coeducational College,  Diocesan Boys’ School
                Li Po Chun World United College,  Australian International School                      
                ESF (Island, South Island, Kings George V School)

DSE:        Heep Yunn School   協恩中學,       Wah Ying College     華英中學
                Ying Wa College       英華書院,       HKUGA   港大同學會書院

GCE/IAL: Tonbridge, Charterhouse, Lancing College, Harrow International HK

最佳成績及學府   My Best Students

  • IB 45/45  Perfect Score (2017 from SPCC, CUHK Medicine)
  • IB:  HKU Medicine (44/45 from DBS), HKU Law (44/45 from LPC),
           U of Queensland Vet Science, U of Sydney Engineering, Imperial College EEE, UCLA

  • GCE:  UCL Pharmacy, UCL Economics
  • DSE:   75**狀元 (2015 from HKUGA), HKU Medicine, HKU Law

學生見證 My Students Feedback

“Will really helped me a lot with my understanding of mathematical concepts. He has been patient enough to explain and elaborate the theories repeatedly. He also demonstrates extensive knowledge while guiding me through IAs and EE. Will always prepare well enough before coming to teach me. After some coaching, I managed to tackle most of the questions by following his way of thinking.”

-     Marcus Lai, HKU Medicine [44/45, Math HL 7, Physics HL 7]  from Diocesan Boys’ School

"Will doesn’t need a mark scheme because he is one. Apart from knowing all the mathematical concepts, he also knows how to deliver it well. He is stacked with mathematical resources from many different syllabi which are well organized. Without his guidance I would not have scored anywhere near an A for my math EE."

-   Desmond Sy, Imperial College EEE [Math EE Grade A] from South Island School

"Will is a dedicated and enthusiastic tutor with a great understanding of mathematics. He tailors his teaching methods to foster the strengths and rectify the weaknesses of his students. In his lessons, he covers all aspects of a topic, often including challenging questions in order to stimulate critical thinking. Most importantly, he is a caring person who considers his students’ academics; he ensures that he does not occupy too much of his students’ time with exercises, so that his students are able to manage their time efficiently for other subjects."

-   Hilary Yeung, U of Queensland (Vet Science) [43/45, Math SL 7] from AISHK

"I was lucky enough to have a great tutor for my IAL Mathematics study. Will trained my logical thinking skills and also focused on some of my weaker topics to explain exhaustively the concepts that I found confusing.  His classes are never monotonous since he would challenge me with real exam questions as long as I learned something new. These are the reasons why I could keep motivated to study mathematics and eventually got A* in the exam."    

-   Sunny Yiu, UCL Pharmacy 

Tel./ Whatsapp:  92390859  (Will)

Email:  [email protected]  


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