"Elite Education精英留學擁有畢業于海外頂級學府的資深升學顧問團隊,坐擁龐大的國際網路,與多間知名大學皆有合作。獨家配套的精英實習,可貼身訂制個人化服 務,制定長達十餘年的個人職業規劃,涵蓋內容包括留學、實習、職業培訓,以及組織回饋社會的義工活動,全方位協助海外學生事務,多年來幫助數千位學生申請到心儀的學校。 我們的目標是通過高度投入的升學計畫及國際實習生項目培養新生代領導人才,冀助每個精英實現夢想,展翼青雲翱翔。 Elite Education established in Hong Kong, is an overseas education organisation and its parent company, Elite Intern, is a global leading company for international internship and training. Elite Intern provides business services in Hong Kong headquarter, as well as in big cities, including New York, Chicago, London, Shanghai, etc. Elites business network covers all the continents and big cities in the world, with over 5000 worlds enterprises, offering opportunities from over 30 different industries. Elite collaborates closely with universities from all around the world. Gradually, Elite expands its overseas education business and has helped over 1000 students register for their ideal schools, including high school, bachelor and masters degrees in the past years. Our education consultants all graduated from worlds top universities and possess years of working experiences abroad. Our goal is to train new and young leaders through highly invested overseas education and international internship."

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