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    7OTH HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 第七十屆香港學校音樂節 26/2-28/3/2018 Presented by Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association 香港學校音樂及朗誦協會主辦 Assigned Order出場序: 8 Class項目 : W 122-2 Member 002449 - Graded Piano Solo - Grade Six Certificate奬狀 90-100 marks分 80-89 marks分 75-79 marks分 Proficiency良好 Honours榮譽 Competitor Lau Chak Hei 參賽者 Merit Piece(s)曲目 : ~ Mazurka in G minor, Op 24 No 1-Chopin Marks 分數 St Secon d Place 名次 Adjudication is based on the overall pe rformance of the competitoris), including: technique e interpretation, musicality and artistic appeat h. 羿判栈據參賽者的整體表現評分,包括:技巧、演禪、音樂感及戚染カ. e Competitoris) with less than 80 marks will not be awarded placing.評分未達80分之參賽者將不獲名次. lilee the brisk fu[ at Eal (fa) ⑤ "but hue End s Dr Stephanie Cheng Adjudicator 88DB.com The adjudicator reserves copyright of the comments made above concerning the p  text
    Graded music exam Candidate CAM Presented by Subject ABRSM Grade 4. Marks h tuere ua wth less use of ay variey oves Il 30 12 uave been o Scales and arpeggios unaccompanied one, had guccess.htV-6Hunaer 'he traditional song wa odb nda.. Lad enor, slipt S. 211) Sight-reading land transposition) a van In 21 114 Quick Study ce 8me pese ln Aural tests ood Unas Total120 Additional comments and to ome Maximum (Pass) 150 1100) Pass Merit Distinction 100 120 130 This form records the result of an exam held on 25 AUG 2009 Examiner code A 36 The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music A company registered with limited liability in England and Wales No. 1926395 Registered as a Char z '8 Registered office: 24 Portland Ptace. London W1B 1 LU Telephone +44 loe20 7636 5400 Email abry。Y é n A  text
    ABRSM THEORY EXAMINATION OCTOBER 2009 樂理考試 GRADE 5 第五級積分表 APPLICANT NO: B PAPER 2009 41655 NAME OF CANDIDATE WONG HONG CHUN CANDIDATE NO. 56970 QUESTION 問題 1. Adding time signature and missing bar-line, describing melodic intervals, MARK AWARDED 所得分數 15 describing chords and indicating chord progression 加拍子記號及缺去的小節線,描述旋律音程. 2. Rewriting passage for SATB from open to short score 用縮編譜重寫用開列總譜的四部和聲合唱(10 marks) 3.lal Terms, sign and writing enharmonic equivalent as breve 3.bl Rewriting notes in tenor C clef, technical names and naming key 3.ic Naming ornament and instrumental questions 4. riting scale according to named key signature and writing scale beginning 5. Transposing passage for trumpet in Bb from concert Isoundingl to written pitch 6. Writing melody for violin or flute or to given words 7. Indicating suitable progressions for two cadences by writing chord names 10 術語,記號及用倍全音符寫出同音異名/等音110 marks) 10 用次中音譜號重寫音符,專有名稱及寫出講名(10 marks) 10 寫出裝飾音名稱及器樂問题(10 marks) 10 on given note根據指定調號寫出音階, text
    EXAMINATION MARK FORM ASSOCIATED BOARD OF THE ROYAL SCHOOLS OF MUSIC Candidate: CHEONG CHEUK Yu Subject PLANO Presented by: Grade: Programme Marks Eypressive Playing with d artic variation АЗ itle moNe Fonwed flau 25 and rier aa Notes wre reatu and delted patens w n plea e in plada 30 (20) and eo ands ere hrasi as o A ie mo 25 Connec rea daromic shape could be added, bud t uas 30 (20) CI an eve flow we lae a in cluded bat Phrase details wer be e bolder i nexpresson 30 (20 18 responses, 21 (04) Scales and Arpeggios Traditional Song Most even ad acc ripe now mon Sight Reading (and Transposition) Corree Fons acur helou Dsamies wre Msed Seavre elseuhere Nichy prepaned work. Quick Study 21 14) Aural Tedts ncoec D todau but uan |4 18 (12) Additional Comments TOTALI 124 A uorthu Merit induced to a Maximum (Pass) 150 (100) Total required to Pass 100 120 to Pass with Distinction 130 to Pass with Merit This fom records the r Registered as a Charity No. 22182 A company registered with limited lia text

JANICE WONG-私人鋼琴導師, 樂理、聆聽及鋼琴伴奏,三十年以上豐富教授經驗,聖三一學院專業教師雙演奏文憑

JANICE WONG - Your Piano Dream ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
  • 為什麼學生們彈一首曲子, 表面上每一個音都對了,拍子也沒錯,聽起來還是怪怪的?
  • 為什麼多數人彈慢板聽起來停滯不前,無法流暢生動?
  • 為什麼快板聽起來這麼忙碌令人立難安?
  • 為什麼台上彈琴的人動作這麼激動,坐在台下的我仍覺得不被說服,與他的激動無關?


私人鋼琴導師, 樂理、聆聽及鋼琴伴奏,三十年以上豐富教授經驗,聖三一學院專業教師雙演奏文憑

Teacher’s profile (專業資歷):

  • Licentiate of the Trinity College London (LTCL) in Solo Piano
  • Associate of the Trinity College London (ATCL) in Solo Piano
  • ABRSM Grade 8 In Piano
  • ABRSM Grade 8 In Theory
  • Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • 30 years teaching Experience

  • 倫敦聖三一學院鋼琴演奏文憑LTCL , ATCL Recital
  • 英國倫敦皇家音樂學院8級鋼琴
  • 英國皇家音樂學院8級樂理證書
  • 香港理工大學學士 


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Music services  (教學範籌) :
Piano Teaching
* Level from preliminary to all diploma performance
* Large amount of music materials designated for individual students

Aural Training
* Aural training for international exams (ABRSM/Trinity)

Music Theory
 Grades 1-8 theory (ABRSM/Trinity Guildhall)
 Grades 1-5: 6 months course duration (Approx.)
 Grades 6-8: 9-12 months course duration (Approx.)
 Lecture notes and assignments for each lesson
☑​ All lessons can be provided in English, Mandarin and Cantonese

鋼琴課程 (由初級至演奏級)
 樂理課程 (初級至八級)
(所有課堂均可選用英語、普通話或廣東話教授 )

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7OTH HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 第七十屆香港學校音樂節 26/2 28/3/2018 Presented by Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association 香港學校音樂及朗誦協會主辦 Assigned Order出場序: 8 Class項目 : W122-2 Member會員: 002449 - Graded Piano Solc Grade Six : Lau Chak Hei : ~ Mazurka in G minor, Op 24 No 1-Chopin Cersificate Competitor 參賽者 90-100 marksHonours 80-89 marks分 75-79 marks牙Proficiency Merit f D 良好 Piece(s)曲目 Marks 分數 Place 名次 8니 Adjudication is based en the overal perfomance of the compesoris,lnckeding: techaique, ing fre End 6 676 Dr Stephanie Cheng Adjudicator The adjudicator reserves C copyrig ht of the comments made abone concening the performanss ef the mest,text,document,font,paper,line在詢WhatsApp : 98430330 SSOCİATED BOARD DAMNATION Subject PIANO v 25 A3 CI well hare 18 Scals and Ap prepared sokTOEAL,text,music,font,line,paper査詢WhatsApp : 98430330 Graded music exam ABRSM Presented by sebect ay mes variet 13 Tet 126,text,font,black and white,paper,line查詢WhatsApp : 98430330 ABRSM THEORY EXAMI NATION OCTOBER 200 CANDIOATE Adsngtisiure and missing bar-ine,eingmeledic intervals Indiceting suiltabile progressions for two cadences by wniing h or wny wher ied symbel or by writing nahes on the stave a110 markal Total required ta Pass Tepass 삐ADsinten怜帢 @禺,text,font,line,area,paper查詢whatsApp : 98430330 ABRSM THEORY EXAMS OCTOBER 2010 樂理Njac NAME OF CANDIDATE CHN xxE ANDIOATE NO ll and I Describing chonds, idenitying chand TOTAL at分,text,font,line,document,papert WhatsApp: 9843 0330 ABRSM THEORY EXAMS.JUNE 2010 ORADE NAME OF CANDICATE LAM K Distinction Nat anwered o,text,font,line,document,paperสิj whatsApp : 98430330 ABRSM RY EXAMS 理考試 CANDIDATE NO MARK Describing chords, idenying lel General and instrumental questioRx110 marksl Wrting.cale beg gnea Mt. aed nreng scale accordngt.ned other recgnie ymbol, or by,text,font,line,area,document查詢WhatsApp : 98430330 Graded music exam ABRSM Subiect Tetal 16,text,font,line,black and white,paper查詢whatsApp : 98430330 Graded music exam CHAN BRSM Prevented by 25 et,text,font,paper,black and white,line查詢WhatsApp : 98430330 63RD HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 第六十三屆香港學校含樂 Cass項 : w105-2 Assigned Oder its■ 23 Graded Pang Solo Grade Two Member會員000199 9弥者 slou,text,font,black and white,line,paper査詢whatsApp : 98430330 Graded music exam ABRSM rade,text,font,line,document,paper컁m 査詢whatsApp : 98430330 Graded music exam - 'mrful.h'a..e.r 2S dan.let. 새?e usne, ,,text,music,font,line,document查詢whatsApp : 98430330 Graded music exam ABRSM Subject Grade 82 Ci,text,font,black and white,line,paper査詢WhatsApp : 98430330 64TH HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 第六十四屆香港學校音樂節 Graded Piano Salo Member會蒓002540 參賽者,text,font,line,paper,black and white查詢WhatsApp : 98430330 63RD HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 第六十三屆香港學校音樂節 by Hongn Grade Five 5 名次 るは ne M Richard,text,font,line,black and white,paper查詢whatsApp : 98430330 Graded music exam ABRSM Grade 3,text,music,font,black and white,line査詢whatsApp : 98430330 Graded music exam ABRSM Presanbed by Grade 府2 63 Tetal 33 069,text,music,font,black and white,lineWhatsApp: 98430330 Graded music examm ABRSM 62 Sakk S よー,text,font,music,line,black and whiteGraded music exam 查詢whatsApp : 98430330 Presened by Subject CI 17,text,font,music,handwriting,black and white査詢WhatsApp : 98430330 Graded music exam ABRSM M2 52 in,text,music,font,black and white,line

Contact (聯絡)

Janice Wong 王老師 

Tel: (+852) 98430330

​Facebook :


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