International pianist and fortepianist and artistic Director currently based in Hong Kong. Specializing in Classical and Early Music, he has developed his career between different cultures such as United Kingdom, Spain and China. Pablo holds an Artist Diploma in piano performance from Trinity College of Music, (London, England), ISP Advanced from Trinity College of Music as well. Master´s Degree in "Musicology, Music Education and Early Music" from Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña (ESMUC) - Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) (Spain), Postgraduate Performance Course from Shanghai Conservatory of Music (China), and Music Degree from Conservatorio Superior de Música de La Coruña (Spain). 

老師是一位國際鋼琴家,也是古鋼琴家和藝術總監現居香港。專攻古典和早期音樂,在英國、西班牙、中國等不同文化中發展事業。擁有三一音樂學院(英國倫敦)鋼琴演奏藝術家文憑,也是三一音樂學院的 ISP 高級文憑。巴塞羅那大學(UAB)「音樂學、音樂教育和早期音樂」碩士學位,上海音樂學院(中國)和拉科魯尼亞音樂學院音樂學位(西班牙) 

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