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[專業大學音樂系演奏級豎琴鋼琴女導師]Harp and Piano| LTCL聖三一倫敦音樂學院執業演奏級|師隨著名鋼琴家豎琴家|桃李滿門 學生卓穎不凡|Miss Grace: 90286736

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 Grace Hela 曾苡澄 | Harpist, Pianist and Instructor | Bachelor of Arts(Music), LTCL


-Professional Harp and Piano Lessons 專業豎琴鋼琴課程

-Music Theory, Aural and Musicianship Courses 樂理,視聽及音樂修養課程

-Harp Performance • Piano Accompaniment 婚禮宴會豎琴演奏•鋼琴伴奏

-Harp Sales and Rental•Harp Accessories and Books Sales 豎琴租售•豎琴配件精品及書籍銷售

www.gracehela.com | Email: [email protected] | North Point, Hong Kong
Facebook Page: Grace Hela 曾苡澄 Harp | Instagram: graceyeechingharp | YouTube: Grace Yee Ching Tsang

歡迎預約查詢: Phone/Whatsapp 90286736



曾苡澄畢業於香港教育大學文學音樂學系,取得文學音學學士位,並考獲英國倫敦聖三一音樂學院所頒發的鋼琴執業演奏文憑(LTCL)及鋼琴演奏文憑(ATCL)。在學期間專修鋼琴及豎琴演奏,跟隨著名鋼琴家陳詠珊小姐,國際鋼琴家查海倫博士及著名豎琴家Miss Amy Tam習琴。

曾老師在學及教學期間不停進修,接受世界級豎琴家Karen Vaguhan (U.K.), Maria Luisa Rayan (U.S.), Sylvain Blassel (France), Gareilla D’Olio (U.K.), Natalie Shameyava (Russia), Gillian Benet Stell (U.S.), Catherine Michel (France), Judy Loman (U.S.), Sivan Magen(U.S.), Catrin Finch(U.K.), Sasah Boldache (Russia) 及 Isabelle Moretti (France) 教導。她更參與世界豎琴大會,亞洲豎琴夏令營, 各地名師的豎琴大師班,國際鋼琴演奏及教育會議,從中學習教學方法,音樂鑑賞和分析。她也曾接受多位本地鋼琴家教導,如羅乃新老師,盧嘉博士等,並公開演奏,在不少本地鋼琴比賽中獲得優異成績。

曾老師追求卓越的音樂教育事業,教授的學生類型眾多,並能因才施教。她教授幼稚園學生至成人,初學者至八級演奏級程度學生。學生於考試及比賽中獲得佳績,並得到藝術上的栽培和個人成長。她跟隨法國豎琴教育家Catherine Michel 學習豎琴專業教學法,並學習歐洲不同學派的技術和美學,探討樂曲風格和詮釋。她也曾擔仼香港(亞洲)青少年音樂大賽2019豎琴初級組評判。


Praised as “Delicate, enthusiastic, with artistic temperament.”, Grace Yee Ching Tsang is one of the desired and acclaimed harpists and pianists, as well as instructors, of her generation.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Grace Yee Ching Tsang began her musical studies with piano at the age of ten and started studying harp at her late teenage time. Attaining Licentiate (LTCL) and Associate (ATCL) diploma in piano recital awarded by Trinity College London, with pianist Miss Jennifer Chan, she also has high standard piano training under the supervision of the renowned pianist, Dr. Helen Cha. Awarding the Bachelor of Arts in Music in the Education University of Hong Kong, she started studying harp professionally with Miss Amy Tam, the well-known harpist and harp educator , while pursuing her promising growth in music education during the university time.

Grace continues both harp and piano lessons until now and behaves as a keen and humble lifelong music student. Being enthusiastic in her music journey, Grace has wisely involved in international harp events and schools, such as World Harp Congress in Hong Kong and Cardiff (United Kingdom). Participating in Harpy Summer Academy, she has attended private lessons, masterclasses, performance classes, ensemble training, technique classes, with aural and musicianship training with distinguished international harpists. They include Karen Vaguhan (U.K.), Maria Luisa Rayan (U.S.), Sylvain Blassel (France), Gareilla D’Olio (U.K.), Natalie Shameyava (Russia), Gillian Benet Stell (U.S.), Catherine Michel (France) and Judy Loman (U.S.). Grace also learnt from Sivan Magen(U.S.), Catrin Finch(U.K.), Sasah Boldache (Russia) and  Isabelle Moretti (France) in other world harp academy series during the years.

Grace’s first and secondary piano study has made her music foundation, theory and musicianship more secure. She never stopped it and studied in masterclasses with top pianist in Hong Kong, Dr. Karl Lo and Ms Nancy Loo. She joined the annual Hong Kong International Piano Performance and Educational Conference organised by Hong Kong International Pianist Association.

Highly sought-after as a teacher, Grace pursues a career in music education. She maintains a private studio of numerous students, ranging from entire beginner to diploma students, kids and adults from all backgrounds and disciplines, in North Point, Hong Kong. She holds private lessons, group classes and music workshops, in order to train outstanding music students, who have won in competitions and get distinction in examinations, with good acclaims. She is also a popular tutor in Parsons Music Academy and other local music institutions.

Numerous years of teaching experiences enriches Grace’s pedagogy in harp and piano. Moreover, she has completed professional harp teacher training programmes with world class harp educator, Catherine Michel (France). She is undergoing DipABRSM piano teaching in 2020, proving that she never ceases her passion in being a top educator and belief of lifelong advancement. Besides, she is the judge of Hong Kong (Asia) Youth Music Competition 2019-Harp Category.

Grace has a high degree of experience in performing. She is invited to play harp in high-end events and elegant wedding ceremonies. She plays baroque, classical, romantic and some popular tunes. In Hong Kong, she has performed piano in Hong Kong City Hall and shopping malls between 2014 and now, and many more. Audience have commended Grace for virtuosity, as well as her artistic interpretation and delicate sense of aesthetics. Grace enjoys practising and strives to make more connection to listeners through these beautiful music instruments. 

Grace is planning to enter international competitions and music schools overseas in near future and continues her career in teaching and performance. Apart from musical art, She is good at investment, business and finance, and in the track of business fields with partners. She reads a lot of books and learns psychology and philosophy by her own. She likes European culture and learning classical opera as leisure. She loves travelling and seeing the world through her own lens. The wonderful adventures of life and music always make her wiser and richer in soul.


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