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4堂學費 30分鐘 45分鐘 60分鐘  
1-3級 600 900 -----  
4-5級 800 1200 -----  
6-8級 1000 1600 1800  
ATCL/DipABRSM ----- ----- 2200  


私人教授鋼琴 Sandy LTCL  

荃灣萬景峯私人教授鋼琴 / 專教ATCL5級樂理 /樂器考試伴奏    / 比賽伴奏 


聯絡電話:  / WhatsApp 60308116




2018 ABRSM 5級鋼琴考試134分 Distinction

2018 亞洲愛琴海藝術音樂大賽五級組第二名

2018 亞洲愛琴海藝術音樂大賽香港區選拔賽優秀教育指導獎

2017 Asia Pacific Outstanding Youth Piano Competition Excellent Music Teacher Award

2017 Asia Pacific Outstanding Youth Piano Competition 三級組冠軍



2015 Trinity College London ATCL Distinction 85分

2015 ABRSM 鋼琴考試 8級Distinction 130分






G.5 music theory  98/100 High Distinction

Grade 6 Distinction 132/ Grade 6 Distinction 130



     倫敦聖三一音樂學院高級演奏文憑:Piano LTCL recital 

     倫敦聖三一音樂學院演奏文憑:Piano ATCL recital 
     英國皇家音樂學院: Grade 8 Theory 
     保送英國皇家音樂學院考試 倫敦聖三一音樂學院文憑試



Trinity College London CHAN is awarded the Level 4 Diploma in Music Performance Associate of Trinity College London ATCL Piano Recital The certificate holder has been awarded 90 credits at Level 4 of the QCF Hong Kong Music Centre- October 2014 Certificate issued 26 August 2015 Sarah Karp Chiel Eneoutive. Trinity Coliege London Paton HRte The Duke of 1evet and er to the Qualification and Cnd Ofqual TRINIT COLLEGE LONDON,text,diploma,academic certificate,TRINITY Examination Report This is not a certificate Centre: Hong Kong Music Centre (286) Candidate ID: 1-487000949 LLEGE LONDON TCL Recital (Piano), Unit1-Piano Recital ATCL uuate name: LO CHO KIU Pr 1s.bachtita No.6 in E Minor BWV 830 Toccata The re al started with some positive performing and a good resonant tone quality was produced ng th piano as a good resource to replace the harpsichord. A good 'toccata feel was onv was general well.controlled but there was a tendency to rush in places nd contrapuntal lines had a secure sense of direction. Ornamentation Mo Allegro con sp There was involvement in the performance and the playing was assured with the various change of moods bein or K 309 ajor red well. Good stylistic awareness was evident and the symmetry of phrases wunders ood and they were well balanced. Large scale classical first movement structure wa under ncontrol. Andante un poco adagio The playing was well shaped composer would expect. Decail in he score was attended to, helping to bring the music to life, and there was good conte ud awareness. Rondo This was performed with a lo xpressive finding the various shades of emotions that the t and the charm and delight of the music was of sound and projection. There were a few nevenness, but these did not impact on the discovered. It was gentle in style technical blemishes, and some rhy performance Schubert Impromptu in Gb Op.90 No. 3 This was lyrical and poised from the opening with style and fluency. Phrases had beautiful shape and there was good 'placing' of chords f moments of this lig the expressive, magical and intimate piece very well and meeting udience expectations. A secure technique enabled good attention to be given to musical detail and a lovely warm sound was produced enhancing the expression. The melodies were well accompaniment figures. This was a polished andutg ng portrayal of the composer's intentions finding much extra musical interest to satis p jected, and balanced with the listener. Summary This was a confident and successful recita,text,font,line,paper,areaGraded music exam Candidate Presented by Subject ABRSM PIANO Grade 8 Marks 26 t and shae chamderid the meledie Ler in the ayerin andl tines were togjeeted (ash haed).kere 27 uras gexerel achieued 25 le cucthoehed Scales and ap 21 114 Nes and r wee read n much ette het tte melmdie eleace uar dn releve Quick study in tte ig 21 114 Aural lests 8 112 os on achie Total 130 Astdion ot女elandmark.aade Commdtbed This form records the result ot an am held on 09/ andt ttere war a pondtue and Maimum IPassl 150 110m opp Merit 120 Apr/2015 Examiner code 4509400,text,newspaper,newsprint,font,document


THEORY EXAMS ( FEBRUARY 2018 ) GRADE 5 樂理考試( 2018年2月)第五級 C PAPER 2018 ABRSM APPLICANT NO: 40872 NAME OF CANDIDATE TSANG EVELYN WAI NING CANDIDATE NO 52564 Maximum Marik Question問题 mark awarded 滿分 ! 得分 tures, general question, rewriting notes using the alto clef 15 15 and des 加拍子記 mani 音譜號重寫音符,及描述和弦 2. Describing har tervals and 和聲音 named harmonic intervals 10 10 描述和聲音程,及8指 3. Transposing a passage for trimpet in Bis from concert Isounding) to written 10 10 pitch 將降B調小號選段移調,以記譜リ 4.lal Terms, rewriting bar from simple to Cggiposhd time, and naming key 4lb) Rewriting chord using the tenor clef, and ge 4.lcl Instrumental and vocal questions 10 音樂詞彙,將單拍子小節改寫為複拍子 Kyra名 10 10 用次中音譜號重寫和弦,及常識問題 10 10 與樂器和聲樂相關的問題 5. Writing a scale with named key signature, and writing a scale the given note 用指定調號寫音階,及從指定音符開始寫音階 nin 10 10 Giving technical names, describing the time signature, rewriting bar using notes of half the value, and general questions 寫專有名稱,描述拍子記號,用一半時值的音符重寫小節,及常識問題 6. 15 15 7. Indicating suitable chord progressions for two cadences 為兩個終止式提供適當的和弦進行 10 10 Pass及格 Merit良好 Distinction優異 N/A-Not answered未 TOTAL 總分 90 100 98 The A,text,font,document,line,paperHKCEA 1st Place,trophy,award,tableware香港音樂發展中心 2014香港亞太青少年鋼琴比赛 FIRST RUNNER-UP,trophy,award,

​ ​​IKYTAF第三屆 香港國際青少年表演藝術節2015 亞軍李皓昕 主辦單位香港青少年表演藝術交流發展協會 8DB.com,trophy,awardNO2016 金奬 翟 香港青少年鋼琴大賽 鋼琴導師 元朗大晋堂 3/4/2016,productASIA PACIFIC HKMFY Youth PIANO COMPETITION Asia Pacific Outstanding Youth Piano Competition Certificate of Recognition is hereby awarded to Chak for dedicated Excellent Music Teaching The 4th Asia Pacific Outstanding Youth Piano Competition 2017 presented by Hong Kong Music for Youth HK Music for Youth Chairman Principal Adjudicatot,text,font,line,

​ ​​

​​ ASIA PACIFIC HKMFY youth PIANO COMPETITION Asia Pacific Outstanding Youth Piano Competition This is to certify that CHAK SUM YING has been awarded Winner Piano Exam Grade 3 Class The 4th Asia Pocife Outstonding Youth Piano Compelhion 31 January and 1 February 2017 presented by Hong Kong Music for Youth Cachi HK Music for Youth Chairman Principal Adj,text,font,line,paper,​ ​第四屆亞太傑出青少年鋼琴比賽 AP OY The 4th Asia Pacific Outstanding Youth Piano Competition 31 January and 1 February 2017 Class : Piano Exam Grade 3 Class Assigned Order: 25 ЕЗ Mark Competitor Name Performing Piece CHAK SUM YING : Clowns by D. B. Kabalevsky 93 Place Ivan Yanakov Camelia Chui Adjudicator Adjudicator 90-100 marks: Honours 80-89 marks: Merit 75-79 marks: Proficiency Winner must score above 90 marks The Adjudicator reserves copyright of the comments made above concerning the performance of the cormpetitor,text,font,paper,line,documentASF17M0066 2016 香港青少年鋼琴大賽 Teacher of Gold Award Winner Hong Kong Children and Youth Piano Contest 金奬導師 鋼琴導師之學生參加"2016香港青少年鋼琴大賽」,成績超卓, 証書以表揚導師專業教學成果。 獲得金獎成績並進入複賽,大會 This serves to honor the piano teacher who's student participatec no Contest" and won Gold Award 2016 Hong Kong Children and as well as Semi-final qualif 鋼琴導師/ Piano teac 參賽學生姓名/ Student's 學生參賽組別/ Group 公開組VOpen 參賽組別人數/ No. of contestants in the group 參賽總人數/ Total no. of participants 3036 251 懸伦 Executive Secretary Yuen Long Town Hall Mr. Sing-pak Li 元朗大會堂總幹事 Chairmarn Yuen Long Town Hall Management Committee Mr. Man-kin Wong 元朗大會堂管理委員會主席 黃文健先生 The Chief Adjudicator Prof. Wong, Eleanor 大會首席評判 黃懿倫教授 Programme Director Mr. Siu-ching Chan 大會總監 陳小正先生 李盛白先生 Organizer: YUEN LONG TOWN HALL 主辦機構 元朗大會堂 3rd April 2016,text,

IKYPA 香港青少年表演藝術交流發展協 (IKYPAF第二屆香港 曆*少平A演藝澱華2015) 紙(鋼琴及,M) 피痴重家@参甼规イ 參賽者編號: 241 HOPF香港國際青 年表演藝術節2015 鋼琴及音樂大賽.朗14(,平 演講.書畫比賽 SP 參賽者姓名/.x-:劉浩龍 參賽組別/R-: 9鋼琴英國皇家音樂學院考試八級組 奬項等級/ 冠軍 2321 藝術總監 協 主辦 中國(香港) 音樂及文化協會 國際鋼琴家蘇顯亮 表演藝術交流發展協會 8DB.com,text,font,參賽者編號: 157 HOEF香港國際青少年表演藝術節2015 鋼琴及音樂大賽,朗誦及故事演講.書畫比賽 ℃ertificate of 0Nferit 參賽者姓名/.Name: 李皓昕 參賽組別/alaw: 8鋼琴英國皇家音樂學院考試七級組 獎項等級/letd:亞軍 本屆參賽總人次/ZeiX...yen" : 2321 評判團(排名不分先後) 藝術總監 協辦機構 主辦機構 At势女人 中國(香港) 音樂及文化協會 香港國際青少年 表演藝術節賽委會 國際鋼琴家蘇顯亮 Dee 2015 主辦機構:HKYPA香港青少年表演藝術交流發展協會,text,professional certification,academic certificate,diploma,lineHOEF香港國際青少年表演藝術節2015 鋼琴及音樂大賽.朗誦及故事演講。書畫比賽 ℃erlifienle of Merit 榮獲第三屆香港國際青少年表演藝術節2015 鋼琴及音樂,朗誦及故事演講, 書畫比賽 優秀導師獎 本屆參賽總人次: 2321 評判團(排名不分先後) 藝術總監 協辦機構 主辦機構 中國(香港) 音樂及文化協會 香港國際青少年 表演藝術節賽委會 國際鋼琴家蘇顯亮 主辦機構:HKYPA香港青少年表演藝術交流發展協會 DB.com,professional certification,academic certificate,font,material,diploma



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