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鋼琴伴奏碩士 - 專業鋼琴伴奏, FRSM鋼琴演奏文憑 , 精教五至演奏級學生。

碩士級鋼琴導師 Michelle Lai Bui Sie (黎貝詩)


  • Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Mmus in piano accompaniment 英國市政廳音樂及戲劇學院鋼琴伴奏碩士

  • Kingston University of London, Bmus (First Honours) 英國倫敦京士頓大學音樂系(一級榮譽)學士

  • FRSM in piano performance 英國皇家音樂學院鋼琴院士級演奏文憑

  • LRSM in piano performance 英國皇家音樂學院鋼琴高級演奏文憑

  • DipABRSM in piano performance 英國皇家音樂學院鋼琴演奏級文憑

  • ATCL in piano recital 英國倫敦聖三一學院鋼琴演奏級文憑

  • AmusTCL 英國倫敦聖三一學院樂理文憑

  • ABRSM Violin & Flute Grade 8 英國皇家音樂學院小提琴及長笛8級証書


  Michelle started her piano training at the age of seven. After graduating from high school, she studied the Music Foundation Course at the Hong Kong Baptist University, graduating with distinction and won a scholarship from the University of Birmingham to study piano.

  Subsequently, indebted to her mentor, Miss Chee Hung Toh, one of the renowned pianists of Singapore, Michelle received her Bachelor of Music degree from the Kingston University of London, majoring in piano performance and collaborative performance, with first class honours. 

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  She then furthered her piano performance techniques, under a distinguished Hong Kong pianist Mr. Warren Lee and earned the highest diploma level, the fellowship of the Royal School of Music.

  In 2014, Michelle was awarded a scholarship from the Birmingham Music Conservatoire to study the master degree, majoring in piano accompaniment, at the prestige music school in London, the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. Under the tutelage of several world-class accompanists and professors, including Martin Kartz, Graham Johnson, Iain Burnside, Noriko Ogawa, Carole Presland, Pamela Lidiard and Andrew West, Michelle has developed an all-round and high standard accompaniment skills on art songs, piano duo repertoires and chamber music.

  In addition to her professional standard on piano accompaniment and piano performance, Michelle also has advanced level both on flute, under a Hong Kong flutist Mr. Matthew Wu and violin and performed widely in various flute ensemble concerts.

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  黎貝詩老師於七歲起學習鋼琴, 中學畢業後修讀浸會大學音樂系的音樂基礎文憑課程, 取得優異成績並考取英國伯明翰大學的鋼琴獎學金。其後, 黎老師入讀英國倫敦京士頓大學音樂系, 主修鋼琴演奏及室樂演奏, 承蒙新加坡著名女鋼琴家杜智衡的悉心指導, 以一級榮譽的成績畢業。

  及後, 黎老師再跟隨香港著名鋼琴家李偉安進修鋼琴演奏技巧, 考獲英國皇家音樂學院最高榮譽級別的院士級鋼琴演奏文憑。


  黎老師於2014年獲英國伯明翰音樂學院頒受獎學金, 入讀英國頂尖音樂學府-倫敦市政廳音樂及戲劇學院(Guildhall School of Music & Drama) -修讀其鋼琴伴奏碩士課程。在學期間, 黎老師先後跟隨多位世界知名的鋼琴伴奏家及教授學習全面的伴奏技巧, 當中包括: Martin Kartz, Graham Johnson, Iain Burnside, Noriko Ogawa, Carole Presland, Pamela Lidiard and Andrew West。而在他們高質數的教導下, 黎老師不但提升了藝術歌曲, 鋼琴二重奏及各種室樂曲目的伴奏技巧外, 更考取優異成績。

  除了擁有專業的鋼琴伴奏和鋼琴演奏外, 黎老師還學習長笛(師承香港著名長笛演奏家胡永彥)和小提琴,曾多次參與長笛合奏表演。

伴奏範圍 :
  • 各級樂器及聲樂考試 (1-8級學費已包括口試訓練,若學生有此要求)

  • 校際音樂節

  • 大學/音樂學院面試

  • 各項音樂比賽

  • 各種室樂伴奏

鋼琴及其他課程 :
  • 鋼琴5級-演奏級(指引編寫programme note, viva voce訓練)

  • 5級樂理

  • 各類鋼琴伴奏技巧* (請參考下面內容)

Hong Kong Schools Music f 屆香港學校音,award,public speaking,

Piano Duet 表演
Saint Saens Danse Macabre excerpt


 學生演奏 (考試曲目綵排)


THEORY EXAMS (OCTOBER 2017) GRADE 5 ABRSM 樂理亏試[ 2017年10月)第五級 R PAPER 2017 APPLICANT NO 00245 NAME OF CANDIDATE: CANDIDATE NO. LAW HOI YAN 51386 Maximum Hark 得分 15 15 Question問题 mark awarded 1. Adding bar-lines, indicating part of a chromatic scale, giving time name, describing chords and rewriting notes using the alto clef 加小節線,標示部分半音音階,寫音符時值名稱,描述和弦,及用中音譜號重 寫音符 2. Describing melodic intervals 3. Transposing a passage for cor anglais from concert (soundingl to written pitch 10 4.lal Terms, signs, and naming a key 10 10 描述旋律音程 10 將英國管選段移調,以記譜音高方式重寫旋律 10 音樂詞彙、記號,及寫調名 4.lb) Rewriting notes using the tenor clef, giving technical names and rewriting an enharmonic equivalent as a breve 用次中音譜號重寫音符,寫專有名稱,及用倍全音符重寫異符同音 4.lc) General and instrumental questions 10 10 常識問題,及與樂器相關的問題 5. Writing a chromatic scale beginning on the given note and writing a scale according to the given key signature 從指定音符開始寫半音音階,及根據指定調號寫音階 10 10 Writing a melody for flute or violin, or to given words 為長笛或小提琴寫作旋律或為字詞譜曲 6. 15 Indicating suitable chord progressions for two cadences by writing chord names or any other recognised symbols, or by writing notes on the stave 以和弦名稱或其他認可記號,或在五線譜上寫研,為兩個終止式配適當的和 聲 7. 108 Pass R Merit BXf Distinction優異 NA-Not answered未答 TOTAL 10092 90 The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music A compay regstered with imited Sabiity m England&Was No 1926395 Charity registered i, England Wales C292182) and Scotland (SC04041) Regsteored office 4Londn WaPlace ondon CZY SAU Teleph:4 (0120 16365400.a www.bromo,text,font,document,material, Graded music exam Candidate WUHON YEUNG Presented by LI ZİSEN ABRSM Grade8 Marks VIOLIN 30 (20) 28 Scales and arpeggios awwh ..tp竹iowe we wen ..h Aed and otur traditional song 21 (14) Sight-reading Quick study 18 21 (14) Aural tests A-ок cenur nne ' Ahawing twe mai ae unda.bole 18 Additional comments if needed 18 (12) Total 138 caMaximum (Pass) 15o (100) 100 120 130 Merit This form records the result of an exam held on: 20 Oct/ 2017 Examiner code The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of MusicA Charity registered in England & Wales (292182) and Scotiand (SCO43343) Registered office 4 London Wall Place. London A company registered with limited labilty in England &Wales No. 1926395 ECZY SAU Telephone+44 (0120 7636 5400 Emailrabrsm.ac.uk www.abrsm.org P5),text,handwriting,document,font,Presented by Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association 香港学校普樂及朗誦協會主辦 N229.6 Assigned Order出場序: 43 . Cello Solo . Junior Member會員: 014686 Certificate奬状 90-100 marks分 Honours榮譽 80-89 優ㄨ Tang Lewis marks Merit 75-79 marks分 Proficiency良好 1Hopping Dance- Adam Carse Marks 分數 Place 名次 ie besed on the rH pertormanes of the competitorisi, including: technique, てni.vnD"n we "O brw am vrun -gleu.e>, fe Mr Peter Esswood Adjudicator of the commeits imade ahove concening the perfornmnance of the competitons idwille vaille f collestion hy members of the Association from May to July in 2018 for distributing the certificates to their students Mebers Refennor Nmber: 25627,text,document,paper,handwriting,writing ZOTH HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 第七十屆香港學校音樂一節 26/2-28/3/2018 Presented by Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Associatio 香港學校音樂及朗誦協會主辦 Assigned Order出場序: 34 Class項目 : U113-2 - Graded Piano Solo - Grade Four Member會員: 010491 Certificate Competitor Law Hoi Yan 參賽者 90-100 marks分 Honours 80-89 marks分 75-79 marks分 Proficiency良好 Merit優民 Piece(s)曲目 : ~ Scherzando (2nd movement of Sonata No 1 in G)- Camidge Marks 分數 Place 名次 . Adjudication is based on the overall performance of the competitor(s), including: technique, interpretation, musicality and artistic appeal, 秤判惟據参賽ReyN腔表現評分,包括:技巧、演 曹樂政及咸染カ. * Competitors) with less than 80 marks will not be awarded placing.評分未建80分之參賽者將不獲名次 heses nannocrrjs (n ne Dr Lino Rivera Adjudicator The adjudicator reserves © copyright of the comments made above co,text,handwriting,document,paper,line
1) 首堂先替學生作全面評估(包括scale,sight reading,aural and basic theory),以便日後替學生編排最合適的課程
2) 除了考試期間外,每堂亦均會訓練上述的範疇及其他musicianship
3) 除獨奏樂曲,按學生喜好亦會教授二重奏,流行曲,詩歌等曲種
4) 高級別學生由於需要學習演奏台型,課堂中會替學生錄影或播放鋼琴家演奏片段以作講解及參考

鋼琴伴奏 :

1) 樂器伴奏技巧(包括piano reduction score)
2) 聲樂伴奏技巧 
3) 室樂伴奏技巧 (包括雙鋼琴,四首聯彈,及三重奏等)
4) 學生亦可自行帶備伴奏樂譜以作指導

K. KAWA 88DB,musical instrument,piano,keyboard,digital piano,technology

上課地區: 將軍澳 (三角琴授課)

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