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    70TH HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 第七十屆香港學校音樂節 26/2 28/3/2018 Presented by Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association 昋潘:F椶音枭及朗誦協會主辦 Class項目 : W117-4 Assigned Order出場序: 12 Graded Piano Solc Grade Five Member會員: 010404 CompetitorLam Yu Hin 90_ 100 marks 89-89 m T83 [Ionu.is栄懸 75-79 mnrics分 Policiency良好 Piece(s)曲目 : ~ Bien Sage (Be Good!). Op 149 BK No 9-Godard Marks Adjudication is based on the overall performance or the con etituris),İncluding: technique interpraiation, musicality and artistic appesl Placc 名次 . |尸-71RS Competitor(s) with lass than 81) marks will not be awarded placing.卿分未冀8n分之岙齊省將不獲名次. . esan naruriCS Cco Jocues aメ.cu ePa冫.t a Dr Wendy Hiscocks Adjudicator Ihe ndutor escrcsghf he comerts made nbove concernig the ertane oth competitorts) Certificates will he svsilah.e .or colection by members (İthe Assotaion front May to, .Iuly in 2018. N157 祈. 犬  text,font,black and white,line,paper
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    2015 CHAMPION 6/thHK School Music Festival Assigned Oder aser 25 Graded Piano Solo Menter 010327 Competitor Lam Yu Hi at88 香港. Installag  formal wear,girl,
    Graded music exam ABRSM Candidate Presented by Subject PIANO Grade8 Marks 2014 Al Le 30 (201 30 (201 30 1201 or traditional song A 21 14 Sight-reading or Quick study a 19 21 (14) Aural tests eu . 18112) Additional comments if needed Total 139 Maximum Pass] 150 (100) Pass Merit Distinction 100 120 130 This form records the result of an exam held on: 18/ Apr 2015 Examiner code 7191 The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. A company registered with limited liability in England and Wales No.1926395. Charity registered in England & Wales 1292182l & Scotland ISC043343. Registered office. 24 Portland Place, London w1B 1 LU Telephone +44 1020 7636 5400 Email abrsm@abrsm.ac.uk wr m, 02416001 (Y71 ョ  text,font,line,paper,document
    THEORY EXAMS [OCTOBER 2016) GRADE 5 樂理考試( 2016年10月)第五級 T PAPER 2016 ABRSM APPLICANT NO. 42796 NAME OF CANDIDATE SO0 PAN SUM CANDIDATE NO. 55293 Maximum Mark 得分 15 Question問題 mark awarded 滿分 15 Adding time signatures, term, describing chords, rewriting a note using the alto clef and general question 加拍子記號,音樂詞彙,描述和弦,用中音譜號重寫音符,及常識問題 2. Describing melodic intervals 描述旋律音程 10 3. Transposing a passage for trumpet in Bb from written to concert (soundingl pitch 將降B調小號選段移調,以實際音高重寫旋律 10 4.la) Terms, naming a note and ornament 10 音樂詞彙,寫音名和裝飾音名稱 4.lbl Rewriting a chord using the tenor clef, naming the key and giving technical 10 10 names 用次中音譜號重寫和弦,寫調名和專有名稱 4.(c) General and instrumental questions 10 10 常識問題,及與樂器相關的問題 5. Writing a scale according to the named key signature, and adding accidentals to make the named scale 用指定調號寫音階,及加臨時記號以構成指定音階 10 10 6. Writing a melody for oboe or violin or to given words 為雙簧管或小提琴寫作旋律或為字詞譜曲 15 13 7 Indicating suitable chord progressions for two cadences by writing  text,font,line,document,paper
    67TH HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 第六十七屆香港學校音樂節 2/3- 1/4/2015 Presented by Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association 香港學校音樂及朗誦協會主辦 Class項目 : W109-16 Assigned Order出場序25 - Graded Piano Solo - Grade Three Member會員: 010327 Certificate t CompetitorLam Yu Hin 參賽者 90-100 marks分 Honours榮譽 80-89 marks分 75-79 marks分 Proficiency良好 Merit優良 Piece(s)曲目 : ~ Song, Op 172 No 1-Cornelius Gurfitt Marks . Adjudication is based on the overall performance of the competitors), Including: technique, interpretation, musicality and artistic appeal, 屏判根據參賽者的整體表現胛分,包括:技巧、演繹、音樂瓜及咸染力。 Competitor(s) with less than 80 marks will not be awarded placing.評分未攤80升之參賽溜將不獲名次. Place 名次 @ with lovely dlos 7 Prof Veneta Bojkov Adjudicator The adjudicator reserves copyright of the comments made above concerning the performance of the competitor(s). 參賽者在此項目所獲得的評語之版檫屬評判所擁有. Certificates will be available for collection by members of the Association from May to July in 2015 Members are responsible for distributing the cer text,font,line,paper,document
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【天水圍全職演奏級鋼琴樂理老師】【2015年度優秀鋼琴導師】【學生獲獎無數】【曾與郎朗同台演出】【 Kawai 三角琴授課】

鋼琴導師 Miss Wong


聖三一音樂演奏級文憑 (Trinity ATCL Recital)

聖三一音樂理論文憑 (Trinity AMusTCL)

香港演藝學院(榮譽)文學士 (以全額獎學金畢業)


超過10年教學伴奏經驗,教授初級至演奏級,Kawai 三角琴授課。



聆聽力     - 分辨節奏/和聲/色彩/氣氛/線條/層次

樂理基礎 - 視譜/唱譜/分析和聲/調性/結構

彈奏技巧 - 正確姿勢/用力方法/放鬆技巧/肢體運用

音樂感     - 歌唱性/想像力/音樂時期/個人風格訓練

邏輯思維 - 練習方法/背譜方法/調整心理/大腦預演訓練

比賽考試 - 選曲策略/模擬考試/比賽/ 不同場地的調節適應

多元教學 - 合奏訓練/音樂會賞析/定期學生音樂會

擴闊領域  - 流行曲/詩歌彈奏訓練/作曲/編曲訓練



70TH HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 第七十屆香港學校音樂節 26/2-28/3/2028 Presented by Hong Kong Schools Nuske and Speech Associarion 香港쭈校춥素及朔誦協會太僻 Class項目 :W117-4 Assigned Order出場序: 12 Graded Plano Solo Grade Fre Member會員: 010404 Competter Lam Yu Hin 參賽者 Piece(s)曲目 :-DienSage(Be Goodp0p 149 Bkl№9.00dard Dr,text,font,black and white,line,paper26/2 28/3/2018 Presented by Hoeg Keng Schools Muske and Speech Association Class項目 :W157-2 Assigned Order出場序: 1 Piano Duet Intermediate Member會員: 010027 Competibor Chan Lok Hin; Yip Lau Ying 参賽者 Marks 名秀 Dr Lino Rivera Adjudicator et,text,font,line,paper,handwriting


69TH HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 第六十九屆香港學校音樂節 Presented by Hong Kong Schools Mualc and 8peech Associston 293/2017 Class項目 :w113-2 Assigned Order出場成36 Graded Piano Soo Grade Four Member會員: 010404 CompatitorLam Yu Hin 參賽者 Piece(s)曲目 :-B terfly. Op 36 No5-Rohde 分轂 Theor,text,font,black and white,line,paper67TH HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 第六十七屆香港學校숩樂節 23-1/4/205 Presented by Hong Koeg Schools Music and Speech Assoclation 香港榮搅含樂及閉绮絡會盍僻 Class项目 :w109-16 Assigned Order出場序: 25 Graded Piano Solo Grade Theee Member會員: 010327 Competitor Lam Yu Hin 參賽者 Piece(s)曲目 :-song. Op S72 No 1 . Cornelus Gunt k8,text,font,line,paper,document


69TH HONG KONG SCHOOLS MUSIC FESTIVAL 第六十九屆香港學校숩樂節 27/2-293/2017 Pzeseabed byHong Kong Schools Musie and Speech Assoesistien Class項目 :W112 5 Assigned Order25 Graded Piano Solo Grade Four Member會員: 013805 Competor Chung Adrian Adam 參賽者 Piece(s)曲目 :-Alegro Finale- Haydn boud jol Miss Saeha Youn Adjudicator,text,font,line,black and white,paperGraded music exam ABRSM Candidate Presented by Marks 30 1200 21 114 21 114 Tota31 This form records the resutanem held on: 18 2015 Eaminer code,text,font,line,paper,document


, Graded music exam Candidate Presented byWONG Subject AL Prelude: This Hewed smo.th and noatm., r a wetij..ad iemtoth clean tine1g1 oe, sisel toe, and cear 山 ABRSM woNE AM Grade Harks 3010 63 euta e and erailes Panwth good coerd in 2S capturea rossve qyualiteruel. twat a s tbebotdor captured 1Prezte, in character and tempo,o, ueuas ther asjite ed Teuhiitsl nwtu nde cerol wk aeaiesbd cot 2a when needed, teach a and ensabe trouahout Scales and rpeggies Rar varieeoeh o toe Rrtosan er uncectoishier in scaler, arçeaaionthoomh traditional Jone loued well tooand overal{ reseonJer 2 1141 21 1 Aural tests Suvosgonser were each abta5 &ur corec with detales on,nd the otuartr pesiodin musie retoanrio level, Congratulations and belt wc3her5%SMamn oar u ture playing 130 his form reends t Examiner cade CL o,text,font,black and white,line,paperGraded music exam Cansidate CHAN LOK HIN Presented by WONG SZE WA Subject ABRSM RS PIANO Grade 3 Marks t20 Quick sudy Aural tests 1IPas 150 11000 This farm recerds the resutt ot anexam hld o 2Sep /2015 am,text,font,paper,black and white,line


THEORY EXAMS [ OCTOBER 2016 ] GRADE 5 樂理考試( 2016年10月]第五級 PAPER 201 ABRSM PPLICANTNO NAME OF CANDIDATE: CANDIDATE NO: S0O PAN SUM Ouestien , 1. Adding time signatures, term, desoribing cherds, rewriting a note using the alto cief and general question to拍子記號,音樂詞彙ㄧ剎和弦、用中音瞻重寫昔符,及常顺题 15 15 2. Desenibing melodic intervals 描竑寞弗音程 Transpesin,.passage tor trumpet in Bbfrom written to concert (sounding) 將降8諰小號壅段ESq .以實際苷商重寫旋律 | D | 10 al Terms, naming a note and ornament 音樂詞彙,寫窘名和装飾音名稱 4.IN Rewnting a chord using the tenor clef, naming the key and giving technical 用文中晉譜號重寫浸弦,寫譋名和專有名稿 General and instrumental questions 常識共鼉,及與樂器机關的問1E 5. iting a scale according to the named key signature, and adding accidentals 1 6. Writing a melody for oboe or vialin or to given words 15 雙簧管或小提琴寫作,,RA字111曲 Indicating suitable cherd progressions for two cadences by writing chord names or any cther recognised symbols, or by wriking notes on the stave 있h弦名稱成其他認可記號,或在五線譜上,,符,為,,終止steas的和 10 Pass及格 Ment良野 TOTAL 總分 100 NiA-Not answered R,text,font,line,document,paperTHEORY EXAMS ( FEBRUARY 2015 樂理考試! 2015年2月1第五級 RRAPER 2015 GRADE 5 ABRSM NAME OF CANDIDATE: LEE TSE K CANDIDATE NO. 53295 1. Adding bar lines, describing metodic intervals and desoribing chords 15 Rewriting passage for SATB from short to open scere 10 3lal Indicating nate not in named key and chord general question and naming 麋杀不屑??指定24的답符及膿示RI弦,常讀恩鼇,及寫裝扮音名稱 3lbl Terms and rewriting chord using cener C clef 1D 10 音樂詞彙-及苈次中BW號立寫和弦 3lcl Writing enharmonic equivialem as breve and ingtrumental questions 關全音符重寫異符調音,及與樂器柑餌的 4 Writing scale beginning on given note and writing chromatic scale beginning en gen 根據指定音符胧寫 ,及胧寫半音音阳 to S. Transpesing passage for cor anglais from concert (soundingl to wnitten pitch10 10 將关 竹選段態調,以ean音高方式熏寫旋律 & Writing melody for bassoon or cello or to given words 為巴松管R大提琴寫 15 13 收1RRA 1Rien Indicating suitale progressions for taro cadences by writing chord names o 10 any other reeegnised symbol or by writing notes on the stave a和该名稱或其慰gTi2號·NHte終止煜竖當的80 Pass及格 TOTAL 100 總分 Distinction優異 NA-Nee rowered未答,text,font,line,black and white,document

2018-03-09      學生 宇軒 - 校際音樂節 鋼琴獨奏 Grade 5 冠軍   

2018-03-09      學生 樂軒 及 柳盈 - 校際音樂節 鋼琴合奏 中級組  季軍   

2017-11-01      學生 Emily 考獲 Trinity ATCL 演奏級文憑    

2017-03-14      學生 Adrian - 校際音樂節 鋼琴獨奏 Grade 4 季軍   

2017-03-02      學生 宇軒 - 校際音樂節 鋼琴獨奏 Grade 4 亞軍     

2016-10-15      學生 品心  - Grade 5 樂理考獲 98/100分   

2015-12-30      2015  Iris Wong 學生演奏會於屯門大會堂演出成功  

2015-10-02      學生 君婷 - Grade 8 鋼琴考試考獲 130/150分  

2015-09-29      學生 樂軒 - Grade 3 鋼琴考試考獲 137/150分     

2015-04-18      學生 Emily - Grade 8 鋼琴考試考獲 139/150分  

2015-04-12      Miss Wong 獲頒「優秀導師獎」( 2015年全港青少年鋼琴比賽)  

2015-04-12      學生 Arian - 2015年全港青少年鋼琴比賽總決賽: 幼童組金獎豎優異獎  

2015-03-31      學生 宇軒 - 校際音樂節 鋼琴獨奏 Grade 3 冠軍   

2015-03-29      學生 Adrian - 2015年全港青少年鋼琴比賽: 於幼童組1500多人進入總決賽 (最後8強)  

2015-03-24      學生 Adrian - 校際音樂節 鋼琴獨奏 Grade 3 季軍  

2015-03-19      學生 Adrian - 2015年全港青少年鋼琴比賽: 於幼童組1500多人進入準決賽 (最後30強)    

2015-02-07      學生 Kitty - Grade 5 樂理考試 97 / 100分   

2014-12-16      學生 宇軒 及 靖霖 - 成功入選101pianists, 與郎朗在文化中心同台合奏   

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