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    Trinity College London NG is awarded the Level 4 Diploma in Music Performance Associate of Trinity College London ATCL Piano Recital The certificate holder has been awarded 90 credits at Level 4 of the OCF Hong Kong Music Centre April 2012 Certificate issued 20 September 2012 Sarah Kemp Chief Executive, Trinity College London Patron HRH The Duke of Kent KG Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) accredtation number: 600/09494 Unit number: TI502/7151 COLLEGE LONDON Accrediied in England, Wales and Northern Ireland  text
    Graded music exam LEE ABRSM Candidate Presented by Subject ANO Grade arks 0(20) 0 120 2. 0 1201 T rde- new- v/Scales and arpeggios we- or unaccompanied traditional song Geod po 1 114 Sight-reading fand transposition) or Quick Study 21 114 Aural tests 18 112) Total 13S Additional comments Maximum Pass 150 (1001 Pass Merit Distinction 100 120 130 CT 201E Examiner code This form records the result of an exam held on The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music A company registered with limited liability in England and Wales No. 192639 Registenad as a Charity N8 Registered office: 24 Portland Place, London W18 1LU Telephone .44 102076365400 Email abrsm@r。Y· at h  text
    Graded music exam Candidate Presented Subject ABRSM Marks Awa eanuna dired 30 120 law elegance % 30 120) nea ad unse e Tha hauds bal anced aud Ma wete aud/v eyplasswelu. Techni e ally ecupeļiew seee Sang 30 120 VScales and arpeggios os peisep aud alwoss 19 sala traditional sang 21 114 oVule Sight-reading and transpositionl 21 114 Quick Study tet Splendid assers ta C Mosty ceme av B, also, buy less acew ale al/ Aural tests 18 112 Total Additional comments Maximum (Pass 150(100 Pa85 Mernt Distinction 100 120 130 This torm recordsthe: result clar' exam heldona斗 11 Examiner code A 34 10 The Assoriated Baard ol the Royal Schools of Music A company registered withy limited hiobility in England and Wales No 192639 Registered office: 24 Portland Place, London w伯 relephonr Registeroa aCharity Nn 292182 +4니D120 7636  text
    THEORY EXAMS [ JUNE 2012 ) GRADE 8 樂理考試( 2012年6月)第八級 T Paper 2012 ABRSM APPLICANT NO.: 42111 NAME OF CANDIDATE CHEUNG CANDIDATE NO 80289 Maximum Mark Question mark awarded 渱t 1 Completing violin parts in extract from overture by Leclair 15 15 完成雷克萊序曲選段中的小提琴聲部 2. Completing extract from piano piece by Schubert 完成舒伯特的鋼琴曲選段 14 3. Writing melody for trumpet or for bassoon based on given openings 20 16 根據指定開端爲小號或巴松管寫作旋律 4. Questions on extract from a piano piece 與鋼琴曲選段相關的問題 25 5. Questions on orchestral extract 與交響曲選段相關的問題 25 25 Total required to Pass to Pass with Merit to Pass with Distinction N/A Not answered 合格 80 優良 優異 未答 66 TOTAL總分 100 92 90 The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music A company registered with limited liability in England and Wales No. 1926395 Registered as a Chari29 Registered office: 24 Portland Place, London WIB 1 LU Telephone +44 10120 7636 5400 Email abrsn、 rs' - rk w : m/ g  text
    THEORY EXAMS ( FEBRUARY 2015) GRADE 5 樂理考試12015年2月)第五級 R PAPER 2015 ABRSM APPLICANT NO.: 42352 NAME OF CANDIDATE SUEN CANDIDATE NO 53631 Question問題 1. Adding bar lines, describing melodic intervals and describing chords 2. Rewriting passage for SATB from short to open score Maximum Mark 得分 15 markawarded 滿分 加小節線,描述旋律音程及和弦 10 10 用開列總譜重寫以縮編譜寫成的四聲部合唱選段 3.lal Indicating note not in named key and chord, general question and naming 10 10 ornaments 標示不屬於指定調的音符及標示和弦,常識問題,及寫裝飾音名稱 3.lbl Terms and rewriting chord using tenor C clef 3.Icl Writing enharmonic equivalent as breve and instrumental questions 4. Writing scale beginning on given note and writing chromatic scale beginning 音樂詞彙,及用次中音譜號重寫和弦 10 10 用倍全音符重寫異符同音,及與樂器相關的問題 10 10 on given note 根據指定音符續寫音階,及續寫半音音階 5. Transposing passage for cor anglais from concert lsoundingl to written pitch 將英國管選段移調,以記譜音高方式重寫旋律 10 6. Writing melody for bassoon or cello or to given words 為巴松管或大提琴寫作旋律或為字詞譜曲 12 Indicating suitable progressions for two cadences by wr text
    TRINITY GUILDHALL Examination Report This is not a certificate LTCL Recital (Piano) Candidate: Lee Centre: Trinity Hong Kong Music Centre (286) Registration no: 000286:09818990 Session date: 12/2010 Beeth.ve^ ,Sen n t~ :8~w..p. 32: necital 야.2 r o .3: Chepo^· we ver ent of太. Kulho ven sonar-a-Seun esTe don We vk an tvM Techniquo /30 Musical Sense Communication Co ver ony 22 30 tation skills In frvma、twe twe m Total: Overall attainment bands are as follows: Pass 60, Distinction 80 100 ate. 12 2ole Examiners signature: Reviewing examiner's signature:  text

♫★☆Professional Piano and Music Lessons for Students and Teachers ☆★♫

Qualifications, Experiences and Affiliations

-MMus ( Piano Performance ) Kingston University
-Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Music (FRAM)
-Fellowship for Trinity College of London - Piano Recital
-Licentiate for Trinity College of London - Piano Recital
-Members of Hong Kong Piano Teachers Circle
-Piano & Music Tutor @ CUSCS, HKCChoir since 2004
-Pianist and Piano accompanist for HKCChoir, Hong Kong Symphony Society,The Hong Kong Chamber 
   Orchestra,Performing Arts Centre


Piano Lessons for All grades ( Elementary to Diploma levels )
-Provides Comprehensive lessons integrating Music Appreciation, Piano Technique and Exam Preparation
-Provides a large repertoire with diversed musical styles
-Improves keyboard performing skills not only in terms of physical motions, but with thorough musical & theoretical

-Teaches on preparation of Viva Voce & program notes for Diploma Levels 
-Provides opportunities to participate in performances, exams and competitions
-Organizes performance classes & recitals
-Studio is equipped with a standard-sized grand piano, an up-right piano and well-equipped 
    recording materials

Lessons for piano teachers: 

- Provides concepts in piano pedagogy and performance

- Equip students with different ideas and development in piano teachi

- Sharpens students thinking through discussion, observations and learni


** 英國皇家音樂學院 F.R.S.M.
** MMus Kingston University ( PIANO PERFORMANCE )
** 聖三一音樂學院F.T.C.L.
** 香港交響樂團鋼琴伴奏
** 兒童合唱團鋼琴伴奏
** CUSCS 演奏文憑導師
** APA 導師協會會員
** 香港音樂導師協會同盟
** 超過十年音樂教育經驗, 學生包括現職鋼琴導師





** 重視音樂交流, 為學生舉辦演奏會, 使學生吸取充足的表演經驗及了解演奏及分享的樂趣
** 注重理解及表達. 幫助學生建立鞏固的鋼琴彈奏技巧,綜合表演技術與音樂歷史及理論的分析與實踐
** 鼓勵學生多參與音樂欣賞 ( 如參加藝術節,大師班,欣賞不同類型的演奏會等,提高學生對音樂之興趣及對音樂的了解 )
** 根據學生之進度保送至各類型表演,公開比賽及考試
** 教室包括一座SEILER三角琴及一座直身琴, 另有錄音器材,方便有需要的學生使用



詳情請致電 96291701 Ms. Chan ( 只接受來電查詢, 其他訊息如whatsapp等提問恕未能回覆)或
電郵至 bcpianopedagogy@gmail.com 
 ( 在此鼓勵各家長及學生多提供一些如你們學習音樂的相關背景,學習目的等,以便了解及提供更合適的意見 )


Life without music is unthinkable. 
Music without life is academic.















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