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    Graded music exam ABRSM Candidate Presented by Subject SIT CHOW KA YAN PIANO Grade Marks A Plaed at a ell chosen tempo, which was maintained. Sewe qood tonal coutrast were iwclauded un Hi musical performane, ushich was just marmed by a blemishes 27 30 (20) B3 there was a eed il w ou o for mance nie melodic line pro-ected ase(( the 3 0 ver st performance 30 20) attention usas , to detad,such as phrasing and tonal celout here wwas a 3cod two a bar cel to nat performance 27 30 (20) vocales and arpeggios he K. 1 tructure asas ndersteed, amough ionscompanied wost ses reqwired a covple of attewpts 16 ese and H arpegsios e mušically plaged.2104 Sight-reading -in ele use re noteaudrku thwǐcerrors 1.. many corr-ective Peti tions d‘'s two-bed Quick study the ootcowe ushich usas not place teday Errors wlodu repeti tiou 21 (14) Aural tests 16 Aul other tests were a 18 (12) Total /30 ximum (Pass) 150 (100) Distinction Additional comments if needed Loucly, musical plaqiw Congratulahous 100 120 130 e Text,Document,Font,Paper,Line
    THEORY EXAMS I FEBRUARY 2018) GRADE 5 樂理考試( 2018年2月)第五級 ABRSM C PAPER 2018 APPLICANT NO 40647 NAME OF CANDIDATE CANDIDATE NO HIM 51097 Question問题 Maximum Mark mark awarded 滿分 得 Addi ing time signatures, general question, rewriting notes using the alto cletf and describing chords 加拍子記號、常識問題、用中音譜號重寫音符,及描述和弦 15 13 2. Describing harmonic intervals and writing named harmonic intervals 描述和聲音程,及寫指定和聲音程 10 Transposing a passage for trumpet in Bb from concert lsounuing pitch 將降B調小號選段移調,以記譜音高方式重寫旋律 to written 10 10 4.la) Terms, rewriting bar from simple to compound ti e, and naming key 音樂詞彙、將單拍子小節改寫為複拍子,及寫.. 10 10 4.(bl Rewriting chord using the tenor clef, and general questions 用次中音譜號重寫和弦,及常識問題 4.lc) Instrumental and vocal questions 與樂器和聲樂相關的問題 Writing a scale with named key signature, and writing a scale beginning on the given note 用指定調號寫音階,人從指定音符開始寫音階 10 6. ivng technical names, describing the time signature, rewriting bar using 15 notes cf half the value, and general questions N gid、描述拍子記號,用 text

全職演奏級鋼琴女導師 ~ 學生考試成績100%合格 ,可於九龍灣導師家中上課或上門教授 ,歡迎各級有意學琴學生査詢 (9213-7747)!


- 已考獲演奏級ATCL (with Distinction),英國皇家音樂學院鋼琴8級及樂理8級。

- 教授各級鋼琴樂理

- 家中自設獨立琴室,以YAMAHA YUS3鋼琴授課,保証上課環境寧靜,

- 有耐性及愛心,學生由小童至成年人不等

- 學生可選擇到老師家中上課 (九龍灣)或上門教授,收費合理

- 保送英國皇家音樂學院各級考試,另可代購優惠琴書






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