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Mr. Terry Lau was born in Hong Kong, started his first violin lesson at the age of eight. Mr. Lau studied the violin with Mr. YongMing Chen, who is the godfather of famous Chinese violinist ChuanYun Li. He took up violin and viola towards the end of his secondary school years. After then, Lau entered the Sydney Conservatorium of Music for his Bachelor of Music Studies (Violin Performance) under the Chair of String Unit, Profesor Goetz Richter. He has been also nominated for masterclasses with professionals such as Gregory Maytan, Fintan Murphy and Alexandre da Costa. 
Lau had participated in different orchestras, including Sydney Conservatorium of Music Symphony Orchestra, International Institute of Music Orchestra, HK University of Science and Technology Orchestra, Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of HK etc. In 2011, Lau joined the Hong Kong Scout Orchestra and represented as a concert master to perform in Beijing.
Mr Lau is full of passion in music, not only he is an experienced solo performer, he also enjoy both chamber and orchestra performance as well as education. As a chamber musician, Mr Lau was one of the ensemble members who played for Swedish King for greeting in 2013, which was invited by Scout Association of Hong Kong.

Language of lessons: English, Cantonese

Venue: Tsuen Wen violin Studio, Diamomd Hill or 私人上門

Contact email : [email protected]

Whatapp/Mobile: 64831145


中提琴, 小提琴, 樂理
星期一, 星期二, 星期三, 星期四, 星期五, 星期六, 星期日, 公眾假期, 其他
上門教授, 私人教授