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英國皇家音樂學院最高文憑FRSM, 師隨世界頂級名師, 包括柏林, 維也納, 巴黎及美國名師, 保送皇家音樂學院考試






Testimonials from students and parents

Mr. Leung is one professional oboist and coach from all aspects.  He helps me a lot to understand the history of oboe and famous pieces from baroque to modern period, and points out my bad habits in playing oboe with very high requirement and shares efficient ways to correct them.  He also helps me understand how to find the right tone colour for oboe solos from different orchestral pieces. He is also an expert on oboe’s infrastructure with very solid mechanism knowledge, can help to troubleshoot the common as well as hard issues on oboe. I am glad to learn a lot from him and hope we can keep enjoying the fun together in double reed music.

- adult student from Shenzhen, China

Mr. Leung introduced our son to the bassoon, and helped him to build a strong foundation and encouraged him greatly.  After Mr. Leung moved back to Hong Kong, we were forced to engage a new teacher, Mr. Illiev, who remarked how well our son was prepared.  Our son is now in his competitive high school wind ensemble and is doing well.  I can recommend Mr. Leung highly. 

- parent from California, USA

Mr. Leung was my son’s beginning bassoon teacher for several years. He was a dedicated, sincere and inspiring teacher for our son. We only wish he could still be here in California for lessons. Mr. Leung’s tutelage provided our son with a very strong foundation in the instrument and he now plays successfully at a higher level. Mr. Leung was also very helpful in advising us about bassoon purchase, maintenance and reed and other accessory purchases. Even though he lives on another continent from us now, he still keeps in frequent touch with us and inquires about our son’s playing and progress. 

- parent from California, USA



- adult student from Hong Kong



Master of Arts in Music, Stanford University 美國史丹福大學音樂系碩士

FRSM, LRSM, DipABRSM - Oboe Performance 英國皇家音樂學院院士 (雙簧管)

DipABRSM - Recorder Performance 英國皇家音樂學院牧童笛演奏文憑

Advanced Certificate (ABRSM) – Bassoon 英國皇家音樂學院巴松管高級演奏証書

Grade 8 Theory (Distinction) 英國皇家音樂學院 8 級樂理 (優異)  


Recent Publications

Leung, W. K. (2014), Balancing the Bassoon, The Instrumentalist Magazine, 69(3), 32-33

Leung, W. K. (2014), Soft, Low Oboe Parts by Dvorak and Smetana - Why and How, Double Reed, 37(4), 113-114

Leung, W. K. (2015), French System Bassoon Fingerings on German System Bassoon, Double Reed, 38(4), 110-112

Leung, W. K. (2015), Useful Additional Features for the Regular Oboe – Some Thoughts, Double Reed, 38(4), 113-114

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