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TEFL Certified English Tutor from Canada

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2021-06-30 刊登者: Tutor Francis

加拿大籍導師  網上英語補習    

TEFL 英語教學認證

(中小學生/成人)   商業英語  會話

本人是加拿大公民   長居加拿大   只可以提供網上補習   直接由加拿大網上ZOOM函授   基本收費每小時 $200 (HKDSE English試卷操練補習 $250)

Personal Introduction – TEFL Certified English Tutor/   TEFL認證英文 導師

Hello my dear hard working students and parents. My name is Francis Chung. I am a Chinese Canadian, born in Hong Kong, graduated in England and migrated to Canada since 1989. I hold a Business (Hons) Degree from North Staffordshire Polytechnic/ University, United Kingdom in 1987. I have been a community language interpreter in Canada and I am  also a TEFL Academy certified to teach English as a foreign language online. TEFL Academy is regulated by the UK government department Ofqual. Their certificate is awarded by Qualifi and recognized both in the U.K. and the United States. My teaching training covers the following areas:

     -  Creating lessons and teaching materials for a range of levels from

         Elementary to Advanced

     -  Teaching speaking, listening, reading and writing

     -   Material & resource creation, utilizing the internet                                              

     -   Needs analysis and teaching in different situations

     -   Classroom management and teaching technique

     -   Language analysis – vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation


If you like to improve your English or experience a session of tutorial with the possibilities of applying your English productive skills, it is now an invaluable opportunity for you. Besides, it is also important to immerse yourself into English practice as often as possible. It is for these reasons; my tutoring session will be administered entirely in English online. However, I can also speak Cantonese upon request. Will it be assisting you to build on your academic foundation, for business purposes or helping you to prepare for your English DSE or IELTs examination? I will also be delighted to guide you and to help you to work on your challenges. Feel free to contact me at my email address [email protected], Whatsapp me at 1 647 3082089 or call me direct to Canada at 1 647 3082089 to arrange for a discussion.


Francis from Canada


Specialized in tutoring the following areas

From elementary to advanced English level – from building on your strengths to working on your challenges.

  • English assessment materials are available to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Your productive (speaking or writing) skills and receptive (reading or listening) skills will be closely examined.
  • Practice materials will be customized catering to your specific needs and interests during tutorial classes.
  • Tutorial can be made in an ad hoc basis or in a completely organized format with detailed lesson plan.


Students who are preparing for their HKDSE English 

  • Focus will be made on practicing past exam papers
  • Tips and advices are available in the following skill set areas:
  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Listening
  4. Speaking


Students may interest in practicing conversational English

  • In areas of your interests and needs
  • Topical area is also available


  • Focus can be made on the following two different areas according to your needs and interests:
    1. Accuracy aim - to give students practice of language items (vocabulary, grammar and functions etc.) 
    2. Fluency aim- to develop students’ ability to speak fluently and interactively 
  • For accuracy aim speaking activities:

Conversation is refined to a guided topic area. Focus is more on developing accuracy rather than fluency. The conversation would include: 

  • Using the language more accurately as the aim.
  • Repetition of the target language.
  • Specific Target Language Focus (i.e. vocabulary, grammar, and functions)


  •  For fluency aim speaking activities:

Conversation is carried out on a more spontaneous and open nature.

  • You have more choices about the language and topic area you can use to express yourself.
  • The aim is for you to get the message across and speak more naturally and fluently.
  • Error correction is delayed and you will not be interrupted to promote fluency.

Tutorial on Grammar

My tutorial is tailored to meet your needs and interests. A variety of teaching materials are available to help facilitate your learning and knowledge acquisition. It is important for me that your learning experience is fun and meaningful. Let me know what you need and I will plan a lesson to suit your needs and to achieve your goals.  Feel free to contact me at my email address [email protected] or Whatsapp me at 1 647 3082089 or call me direct to Canada 1 647 3082089 to arrange for a discussion.

Whatsapp 16473082089

email: [email protected]

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