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❖英國英文導師, 首堂免費❖ ❖British Native English Teacher, Free trial❖ 英語老師 | English Teacher |

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About Tutor 

Hi, I am an English teacher from the UK.  Aside from native English I can also speak fluent Cantonese and Mandarin. I graduated from the University of Cambridge with a Master degree and have experience in teaching both general English and Business English.  My lessons are fun and interactive, with a tailor-made learning plan for each individual student.

你好, 我是來自英國的英語導師,英語為母語水平,並會講流利廣東話與普通話。我擁有英國劍橋大學碩士學位,有教日常和商業英語的經驗。我的英語課有趣而互動,每位學生均得到度身設計的教學課程。

Areas of English Training 

Oral & Listening Training for Social or Business English 日常社交或商用英文口語及聆聽培訓

Training includes everyday conversations, phonics, preparation for job interviews, presentation skills in business meeting, listening skills and english accent training (British and General American)


Reading and Writing Training 閱讀及寫作訓練

Improve reading comprehension, academic writing skill, business writing skill, mnemonics for English vocabularies 增強閱讀理解;學術寫作技巧;商業寫作技巧英文詞匯記憶法

English tutoring for secondary students 中學生英文補習

All-round english tutoring, including exam skills, IELTS preparation, grammar, listening, oral, reading and writing 全面英文補習,包括考試技巧,雅思準備,文化,聆聽,閱讀及寫作

How to have English lessons with you?

My lessons are held on Skype - the free online video-call software - you can see me through the web-cam, it's just like home tuition!  All you need is a headphone (webcam is optional but preferred).  Trial lesson is free and I will provide lesson materials.  Please email me for more details, email address is [email protected]

To download Skype for free, please click  here.  It takes only 5 minutes to have Skype up and running

 ❖英國英文導師, 首堂免費❖ ❖British Native English Teacher, Free trial❖             英語老師 | English Teacher | Engskype chat screen

課程於Skype﹣免費網上視像通話軟件﹣上進行,學生可安坐家中提升英語能力。效果如上門教學一樣。你只需要有電腦用的咪即可(亦建議使用視像鏡頭)。 免費試課,我會提供教材。如有查詢,請電郵 [email protected]

免費下載Skype請 按此,安裝及登記只需五分鐘

Free Trial


[email protected]

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