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英國留學多年-經驗豐富- 英語課堂/ 補習/游泳堂

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I am a HongKongese. I studied in U.K. for years. I can speak fluently in Chinese and English. I live in Sheung Shui, Hong Kong. Welcome students to come to my home (5 mins walk from MTR) for English lessons or Fanling pool for swimming lessons. I have been teaching children for almost five years. I am experienced in using practical and fun teaching approaches to encourage and motivate learners .
我是香港人。 我在英國留學多年。 中英流利。 歡迎學生來我家(從上水地鐵站步行5分鐘)參加英語/法語/ 補習, 或到粉嶺游泳池參加游泳課程。 我教學生已經差不多五年了, 經驗豐富, 多以實用和有趣的方法來教學。
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