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Private French Tutor 私人法語老師

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One-to-one private french classes/ 一對一私人法語課程
- From Beginner to Advanced level --- for your personal interests, preparation for exams/ relocation, daily business communication, or even to supplement the French class that you are already taking!
- Simple and straightforward teaching methodology allowing you to pick up the language quickly without wasting time.
- Classes can be provided in Cantonese, Mandarin or English at your choice.
- Quiet classroom - 5 min walk from Causeway Bay Station.
- Course materials provided.
- 初級至高級 --- 配合你的個人興趣或工作需要
- 簡易教學方法 --- 讓你由零開始極速上手
- 可用英語,廣東話,國語或英語上課
- 幽靜教室 (離銅鑼灣地鐵站5分鐘).
- 附教材
About Tutor/ 導師資料
- Hong Kong Canadian: born in HK and raised in Canada.
- Perfectly trilingual (French/ English/ Cantonese and Mandarin)
- Worked for French companies and stationed in Paris
​- Member of AFLE (Association of French Teachers in Hong Kong and Macau)
​- Students: private bank/ law firm executives, MBA students, international school students and overseas students.
- 香港出生加藉華人: 了解華人學習法語的難處並提供學習竅門
- 可操流利法語,英語,廣東話及國語
- 曾註法國巴黎
- 於法資公司工作多年
​- AFLE (Association of French Teachers in Hong Kong and Macau) 會員​
- 學生包括: 企業行政人員, MBA學生, 國際學校學生, 及海外學生.


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