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English Tutor with 10+ years of experience in Hong Kong

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Dear Families,

         As your prospective teacher, I would like to formally introduce myself.  I am known as Mr. Jed and I would like to tell you a little about myself and my experience. I am 43 years old and a father of 3 wonderful little girls aged 4, 6 and 7. I originally come from America and I have been working and living in Hong Kong for over 10 years as an English Teacher in various schools and learning institutions. My teaching career began in 2008 in a local kindergarten. I have worked in about a half dozen kindergartens as well as secondary and primary schools within my decade long life here in Hong Kong. I currently hold an office in San Po Kong on Tai Yau St. and invite you or your children for private lessons here or at your residence. Your first lesson is free and other lessons can be discounted with the referral of more students at other time slots.


         I have been working to teach children to read and blend using synthetic phonics as one of the main courses taught in recent years. I also spend a lot of time teaching creative writing, grammar usage, oral, speech presentation and interview skills. I look forward to teaching and working with children of all ages and I am so pleased to be able to work and create material to satisfy the needs of English learners in a way that I feel benefits them most. Part of my goal as an educator is to spark curiosity in the minds of students. During my time in your class, I hope to excite my students about the world of language learning and broaden academic interests. 


     I would like to thank you for providing me with the opportunity to work with you or your child and placing your trust in me as an educator.



Mr. Jed



作為您未來的老師,我想正式自我介紹, 我的名字叫Mr. Jed現在我想告訴你一些關於我自己同我的經驗, 我今年四十三歲,已經是一位擁有3個美麗小女孩的父親,一個是四歲,六歲及七歲。我原本來自美國,在香港工作和生活了十多年,在不同學校和教育機構擔任英語教師。我的教學生涯原於2008年在香港的一間幼兒園。 我已經在香港任教長達十年之久,曾在大約六間幼稚園及中,小學工作。 我目前在新蒲崗大有街的設有辦事處並想邀請您們或您們的孩子在我們辦事處或在您的住所進行私人課程。您的第一堂會是免費的,如果你推薦更多學生的情況下再會給你折扣優惠。

一直致力於教育孩子閱讀和混合使用合成語音作為近年來教授的主要課程之一。 我也花了很多時間教授創意寫作,語法使用,會話、演講介紹和面試技巧。 我期待著和教育不同年齡段的孩子,我很高興能夠以我最感興趣的方式工作和創造材料,以滿足英語學習者的需求。 我作為一名教育工作者其中的一部分目標是激發學生的好奇心。 在我的課堂中,我希望能激發我的學生關於語言學習擴大學術興趣。
感謝你給我提供與你或你的孩子一起工作的機會,並把作為教育者的信任。 http://jed.hivvy.net/
Mr. Jed

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