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☎️ 51102008 國家語委試一級94.3分, 全職教授,擅長應對PCS考試及幼兒教學,成人在本人灣仔寫字樓上課,幼兒及學生可上門教學

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Feel free to call me to gets more details 51102008 - Wynne Yuen 

Whatsapp/WeChat : 51102008

Website : http://www.flowmandarin.com


個人資料 :

•         普通話水平測試一級乙等94.3

•         曾任國際幼稚園普通話老師

•         私人導師

普通話是我的母語。在香港居住有29年,可以說流利的廣東話及英語 ; 通繁、簡體字 ;了解中港文化。絕對可以與小朋友溝通。



小學生的學習主要圍繞在中文基礎學習, 包括“聽” ,再配合普通話教學,並軌前進。大家都知道學好普通話可以”我手寫我口”, 這是中文學習相當重要的。然而語言學習是一條漫長的路,要打好基礎就要靠不斷的努力練習,小學生要做的就是打好根基,為中學做準備。


教學的方法會根據學生的個性、 資質、學習基礎來調整,提升他們的學習能力的同時愉快地學習。


I’m a native PutongHua teacher, who has been working at IS. Most of my students are children, I will help your child to build up their confidence in learning PutongHua through having educational and fun activities during classes. Chinese lesson for Primary students include Pinyin , Reading, writing and speaking, aimed to improve the examination skill at school and be able to communicate with people in PutongHua. I believe its not only about teaching but to motivate and inspire my student to learn. 


I can speak in fluent Cantonese , Putonghua, and English, as well recognize both simplified and traditional characters. I was born in China, educated both in Mainland and Hong Kong. Achieved the High score of 94.3 in the Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi (PSC) which qualified as Grade A. PSC is a Standard Language Test in China, offering full accreditation for Putonghua teachers around the world. Shall you have any further questions dont hesitate and reach me by below details. 



Feel free to call me to gets more details 51102008 - wynne

Whatsapp/WeChat : 51102008

Website : http://www.flowmandarin.com

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