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English Made Easy

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2016-05-05 刊登者: CY

Hello, I am Ms CY and welcome to English Made Easy!

I studied in Taiwan when I was small and moved back to Hong Kong when I was in S1. As a transfer student who had just learnt English alphabets and a few vocabularies, you could tell how hard it was for me to fit in. Yes, it was but I managed to transfer to a Band 1 English school from a band 2 Chinese school in S4 and to DGS in S6 in a few years’ time. I graduated from HKU with a Bachelor and a Master Degree in Economics.

Are you curious how I picked up English and worked my way to HKU? Join English Made Easy and you can find out more.

In English Made Easy, you dont just learn English from me. You learn how to learn English by yourself wherever and whenever you are. Grammar can be so much fun and I am gonna show you how.

Learning materials will be provided and tools will be utilized to motivate, inspire, and stimulate young minds. Each student will take notes during lessons and be given exercises at the end of each lesson to allow parents to see their progress and what they have done in the lesson.

Location:Mainly in shamshuipo, or any other places at your choice. 

Fees/lesson: negotiable, subject to grades, number of students, location, time 

If you want to know more, feel free to call/WhatsApp me at 98499705.


我是MS CY, 歡迎來到English Made Easy。

我在臺灣讀小學,中學一年級下學期回港。作為一個剛學英文字母及生字的插班生,儘管入讀中文中學,我仍然很難適應。不過,短短几年的時間,我成功在中四考入Band 1 英文中學,中六更考入拔萃女書院, 之後考入香港大學,取得經濟學學士及碩士。

你想知道我怎麼在短短幾年間,掌握英文及考入港大嗎?加入English Made Easy! 你會有意外的收穫。

English Made Easy 不但讓你學會英文,更讓你學會自己如何在任何地方、任何時間學習英文。

上課地點:深水埗, 其他地点另议


歡迎致電/WhatsApp MS CY, 98499705



聯絡資訊 此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性