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I’m a Shenzhen citizen and live here more than 18 years. I got my bachelor’s degree majoring in international economics & trade. I have more than 10 years work experience in the international business field and 2 years work experience in 5 star hotel (Shangri-La hotel, Shenzhen). During these years I built close relationship with local manufacturers, shipping companies as well as local organizations. I’m familiar with China market & business environment, local language & culture, local legislations ( HK and mainland China ) and relationship with local government. I once worked for some local companies as their overseas business department manager and attended & visited many exhibitions located in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Dongguan, I also worked as business agent/representative & interpreter for overseas clients from US, UK, Australia, Ireland, Italy etc..... I contacted with many factories and sourced various kinds of products for my overseas clients. I can be your good business Chinese tutor and tour guide.

I came from central China originally. My pinyin is very good and my pronunciation for Mandarin is very standard. I once attended The National Mandarin Proficiency Test in Shenzhen university and got high grade. I helped one of my students to take HSK test in March, 2013, his examination performance was very good and he passed the HSK level 5. I once taught many adult students from US, UK, Australia, Denmark, Turkey, India, Brazil etc… I have 8 years experience to teach foreigners and Hong Kong residents Chinese. I’d like to be your Mandarin/Business Chinese tutor. My office is in Luohu district very close to Da Ju Yuan (Grand Theatre) metro station, the Mix City, Shenzhen Book City and Diwang Commercial Center. You can come to my office to learn or I can go to your office/place to teach. I can travel to HK to teach you or work as your tour guide/interpreter as I have multi-entry HK visa and its just 3 metro stations from my place to Luohu customs.

I have some books for learning Mandarin/Business Chinese from beginner to middle level. I also have some books for HSK test level 5 & 6. Besides Chinese language, you can also learn some Chinese custom and culture. If you want to pass HSK test for work reason, speak good Mandarin and do business in China or communicate in Chinese well, I’ll be your best choice.

My email address is: amyli1686@yahoo.com. My skype is: amyli1685. My wechat is: youjihuiguan. My QQ is: 1377903027. My Hong Kong mobile number is: 60985035. My Shenzhen mobile number is: 86-13714025142.

Best regards

Amy Li

本人毕业于中南财经政法大学贸易与经济专业,经济学学士学位.具备多年国际贸易工作经验及两年五星级酒店(深圳香格里拉大酒店)工作经验.来自中国大陆北方城市,英文流利,懂白话(100%),普通话非常标准,曾参加深圳大学举办的全国普通话水平测试考试并获得高级水平.可提供普通话、商务汉语家教、普通话水平测试考试辅导、汉语水平考试HSK 1-6级辅导及翻译和中英文导游服务,港人及外籍人士均可.

从事汉语普通话家教八年时间,主要用英文教授外国人汉语普通话、跨国公司外籍高管及港人普通话。曾辅导在职港人及外国人商务汉语普通话,帮助他们提高工作中需要使用的汉语听说和写作水平,也曾辅导成人学生参加汉语水平HSK考试并帮助学生通过了HSK4级和5级考试。多年从事国际贸易业务并具备两年五星级酒店(深圳香格里拉大酒店)工作经验, 能够提供汉语拼音及汉字、普通话口语和商务汉语的教学,并可提供普通话水平测试考试辅导、HSK 1-6级考试辅导及翻译和中英文导游服务,外籍人士及港人均可。

有意者请联系李小姐,电话:60985035(HK),86-13714025142(CN),Skype: amyli1685, Wechat: youjihuiguan, QQ: 1377903027, E-mail: amyli1686@yahoo.com.

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