Chatter-box is an English learning centre established in March 2000, catering for children between the ages of 3 to 12 years.

Our 1st teaching centre was established in March 2000 in Tai Po by an Educationalist from the UK.     

To cope with our expanding student intakes and the number of new courses, we extend our services to Fanling in Sept 2005 to make easy access to our students in the northern part of NT area.      

Although we believe it is important for children to be exposed to different English accents, we place emphasis on British English and our course content is designed with the British National Curriculum in mind. (these are curriculum targets set by the UK government for schools in England and Scotland ).
The school is now run by a group of young and dynamic educators who strive to develop a holistic learning environment for children.

Learn English The Fun Way
Chatter-box is an English learning centre catering for children from the ages of 3 to 12.      

Our lessons:
•are confidence-bulding
•develop fluency in both spoken and written English
•are topic-based
•are full of fun!     

Small Class Sizes
All of our classes are set to 2-6 students. They are:
•Small enough to enable personal attention from the teacher
•Large enough to maximize speaking opportunities
Free Assessment
All students will sit an informal session before they start classes in Chatter-box. This enables us:

•To place your child in the class most appropriate to his/her ability and age
•To find your child's weaknesses and strengths
High Teaching Standards

Chatter-box provides only the best English language instruction for students. Our teachers are specially trained by Chatter-box.

All oral teachers are:

•fully qualified with one or more of the following qualifications: BA, BBA, BSc, BEd, TESOL, CELTA, PGCE, MBA or above
•native English speakers
•experienced in teaching English as a second language

All grammar teachers are:

•fully qualified and majored in English Language or Linguistics

Live Lessons      

To strengthen communication with parents and to ensure that they are informed of the children's learning progress, live lessons can be viewed on the TV in Chatter-box.      

Multimedia Approach
For added fun, lessons are taught through a variety of media. These include:

•Games and activities
•Discussions / Debates
•Television games
•Songs and rhymes
Excellent tracking of students' progress
Progress reports will be written and distributed regularly that enable us

•to have an accurate account of the student's performance
•to identify problems and to highlight key areas where improvements can be made
•to let parents to understand our teaching methods better

Comfortable Learning Environment

Every classroom is fully equipped with multi-media teaching tools. Besides, children can enjoy reading a wide range of books in our reading corner to further develop their interests in learning English.
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