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PRIVATE MANDARIN LESSONS at your office / home:

qualified and experienced native Mandarin tutors offer private one-on-one or small group lessons for Children and Adults, tailor-made.



我們 是以普通話為母語的老師隊伍:

We are made up of a team of Putonghua teachers (mother-tongue PTH), and the objective is



- 專注為學齡前及小學生,幫助小朋友排除學習的疑難

- to teach primary students the way to solve learning problems


- 協助在職者解決工作的挑戰

- to improve the language skill of those underemployed


- 曾教過的學生有銀行家,商界人士,國際學校學生,幼兒,量體裁衣式教學法。

- Our clients are banker, businessman, international students and kids, tailor-made teaching.




- 國家語委普通話水平試證書二級甲或一級

-Level 2 Grade A or Level 1 certificate holders in Putonghua Proficiency Test


- 國內大學畢業或香港碩士畢業

-Mainland University graduate or Hong Kong Master Degree holder)



- 幼兒教學資格

-University degree in child education


- 3-10 年普通話教學經驗

-With many years of teaching putonghua experience


Our scope of teaching includes:


1,  教授企業人士普通話的談吐技巧。

    - to improve the language skill of those underemployed.



2, 中小學生普通話,課文,朗讀,拼音,作文,硬筆書法,古詩,成語故事。

    - Coaching young students in PTH - through storytelling, Pinyin, composition, poems, idioms and Chinese calligraphy.



3, 0-12歲小朋友,通過遊戲學習普通話:唱歌,童謠,手工,繪畫,因材施教,讓孩子在快樂中學習。

    - Teaching PTH to 0-12-year-old children through games, nursery songs, crafts and drawing, according to their level and abilities and let them learn through fun.



4. 教授外籍人士

    - Teaching non-Chinese people PTH.






But how to apply on daily life efficiently? As a matter of fact, you need to have an effective strategy, you need to ask yourself: “Why am I learning the language? Where is my level? How can I improve? Which area should I concentrate on?”

學生見證 (Testimonials):







Sharing  experience



Learning a language must start from a young age, this way it will be easier for the learner to speak naturally and fluently.



The basis of learning a language is to learn through identifying objects, words and listening to stories.



If the children can develop a good habit in reading books at an early age, they will find happiness in the learning process.Then learning will become an enjoyment and not a burden anymore.



From  long teaching  experience with children, We have found out that the earlier they start to learn, more patience , enthusiasm and self-confidence they will have;



Whereas adults who are in business have the desire to learn but they may be past the age of learning a language,besides adults have to deal with the stress at work and taking care of the daily necessities. It takes more effort for them to acquire the language than it does for children.




So if you could start today, please do it immediately and do not wait for tomorrow.



Please do email me for an appointment and the initial consultation is free of charge.


一對一收費 $350小時, 小組$600/小時(less1:4) (在職人士,學生劃一收費)

Tuition fee: $350 /hour(one to one), small group$600/per(less1:4)

(add transportationfee $50 to $100 if home visit)




Please text on Shirley Yuen 92829660 (whatsapp)
or send email to :   syuen1020@gmail.com


Looking  forward to hearing from you.


Shirley Yuen



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