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Leslie Laing English

We provide a great variety of fruitful courses which help you to build up a good foundation of English!

The objective of our teaching is to nurture the young to excel academically and personally. A good foundation in English and learning in a relaxing and lively atmosphere can help them achieve the goal.

We are dedicated to nurturing the young to excel academically and personally. To strive for the best, we educate our students in a loving and relaxing atmosphere.

Leslie, our founder, is a professional English teacher. With ample teaching experience in English, Leslie is strong in helping students build up a solid foundation in English. We are glad that past students have shown excellent performance in public exams. The great number of distinctions and credits attained by our students every year is a strong proof.

We hope that our sincerity and commitment in education can bring our students a successful life in the future.

Course Information

Primary (小學英語)
Secondary (中學英語)
Advanced English / IELTS (高級英語/雅思)

Characteristics 課程特色 & Enrichment Programmes增值計劃
Leslie’s students can enjoy
(3)Supplementary Small Group Oral Practice Class 每月(小組)口試練習
(4)免費Online English Exercise
(5)Pocket Book – ‘Writing formats’ / ‘Vocabulary~ Hot topics’ / ‘Grammatical patterns’一本
(6)‘熱話新聞’ News Extract of Hot Topics (貼近考試題材)
(7)定期作文After class assignment (especially ‘Writing’ and ‘Practical skills’, errors will be marked and comments will be given by Tutors 導師 導師)
(8)持續進度評估 Continuous assessment
(9)Elite Class 精英班,Supplementary Class 輔導班,Grammar Class文法班 ,Writing Class 寫作班,Oral Class 會話班
(10) Regular course 常規課程 涵蓋所有考試範圍
(11) 與Writing class配合, 加強寫作能力
(12) 與Oral Class配合, 鼓勵同學用英語發表,改善同學的語調、速度和連貫性等