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你想補習學好英文: 寫and發音講到似西人? 女導師現正收生
本人在外國讀書長大。 可教您真正外國人英文

有些寫有多年經驗導師, 但最緊要是找些真的同西人程度相同, 尤其在發音方面, 這才真正幫您學好英文。 不收西人價

All levels are welcome even if you are an adult wanting to polish up your oral!

Got problems using and understanding English?

Now it's time for you to make a change and be able to speak and master your English better!

One thing I could gurantee you is that you will learn English the way like a native English speaker is teaching you.
Acadamic learning and local educated teachers could help improve your grammar and written English.
However they won't help improve your daily use of spoken English.

Education background
High school from Canada
Graduated at University of Auckland, New Zealand (best-ranking in the nation)
Master earned at American University

Affordable rate

m: 6827 9599
e: wykate80@yahoo.ca

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