Da Vinci Education(DVE), a dedicated professional education institution, was founded in the Year 2000. It is a subsidiary of the Multiple Intelligences Education Foundation under Academic Director Dr. Leung Yat Ming.

Since our establishment, we have developed a variety of English programmes providing children and young adults with comprehensive and interactive English language education.

In 2003, DVE focused its attention on acting as an intermediary between teachers and schools. DVE's objective is to supply English speaking educators and English based educational packages to primary and secondary schools with the intention to promote interest in learning English within schools. As an intermediary between teachers and schools, DVE is continuously collaborating with teachers and school representatives to ensure the quality of services provided.

Today, our teams of renowned educators, curriculum development experts, experienced language educators, curriculum consultants are still focused on designing, collaborating and conducting English programmes that are custom-made to cope with the individual needs of primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong.

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Office Address: Room 1301, Charm Centre, 700 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon

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