Come & experience the most beautiful couple dance!

This course provides you with all the elements to begin your journey into dancing tango in any dance floor, in any city in the world! 
No dance experience is required. You're welcomed to join with your partner but it's not necessary.
Instructor: Miss Candy Sze & Anita Sze
Bio: They are the
- Tango Instructor of the Master Class in "Hong Kong Dance Festival 2006" to teach the dance students studied in Hong Kong  
  Performance Art Academy (HKAPA) and Overseas Dance Universities.
- Guest performer in Finale Party of " Hong Kong Latin American Festival"
- Tango Instructor & Performer of "Tango Argentino Series" in Hong Kong Chinese University
- Organizer & Artistic Director of "Tango  Puro in HK" & " Tango Temptation"
- Argentine Tango Consultant of RTHK show "Solo Tango"
Tango Argentino Beginner Course Schedule
We have 3 beginner courses for you to choose.

Course Name


Tue Course:

Every Tue at 8:00-9:00pm
Fri   Course: Sat  Course:

Every Fri   at 8:00-9:00pm

Every Sat  at 3:00-4:00pm

Fee           : Regular Package $1500/10 continuous lesson.

                  Flexible Package $1700/10 lessons in 3 months         

Medium : Cantonese and /or English

Venue     : Trio Spin Studio, 7B Time Centre, 53-55 Hollywood Road, Central, HK

Enroll      : Pls choose your course on Tue, Fri  or Sat and fill in the Course Name on the Registration form

                   Please send us registration form & settle the payment according to the payment procedure                 

                   Download registration form: http://www.triospin.com/html/CLASSINFO/ClassRegForm.pdf

Payment : Please pay course fee to Bank of China "012-916-10061929" "Trio Spin Studio & Productions" 

                   & fax receipt to 28893666. Cheque payable to Trio Spin Studio & Productions" & send to Trio Spin Studio,

                   7B Time Centre, 53-55 Hollywood Road, Central, HK

Enquiry:   25212168 / info@triospin.com /Website: www.triospin.com

Flexible package  This is a long term course. For those who would love to devote to Tango Argentino but may not be able to attend class every week, you may consider our flexible packages.  $1700/10 lesson in 3 months and (most of the students join this), $4200/30 lessons in 1 year & 5200/40 lessons in 1 year

Free Membership
 A free VIP membership during the course period will be given to you if you join the 10 lessons course in Trio Spin.
VIP membership can enjoy our privilege discount, cash coupons and enjoy our milonga (tango party) and other VIP activities with special price or free admission.

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