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CH018 兒童特殊教育專業證書

With reference to the figures provided by the Department of Health of HKSAR government, the number of children identified with learning difficulties has risen rapidly in recent years. According to the Education Bureau, the provision of special education to disabled children is to enable them to develop their full potential for being independent in the community. Therefore, teachers / caregivers / parents are required to receive specialized training for providing professional care for those children with special educational needs.


The programme aims to provide students with the essential knowledge and skills to become competent in helping children with special educational needs.

Upon completion of the programme, students should:

-Have knowledge of the major concepts in disability and special needs, and the rehabilitation services provided in Hong Kong;

-Understand a wide range of academic, social, behavioural, physical, and neurological problems of children with special needs;

-Be able to manage the teaching and interventional strategies that facilitate the learning of this selected group of children; and

-Develop essential skills in planning, implementing and evaluating learning activities for children with special educational needs.

Programme Features

-A professionally designed programme on special needs education for teachers and caregivers;

-Taught by educational psychologists, local experts and practitioners.

Course Contents

PSYC4006EP Children with Special Educational Needs:

Assessment of children with special needs; overview of learning disabilities, communication disorders, mental retardation, gifted and talented, emotional and behavioural disorders, neurological disorders, and other physical disabilities and health problems etc.

PSYC4012EP Interventions for Children with Special Educational Needs:

Principles and skills in handling problematic behaviors, interventions and strategies in promoting different aspects of development and learning experiences for disabled children etc.


Students are required to have an overall pass in Continuous Assessment (in the form of assignments, case study and presentation, test etc.) and Examination; The passing mark is 50 %.


A “Professional Certificate in Special Needs Education for Children” will be issued by LiPACE to those who have successfully completed the programme.

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電郵: info@ouhk.edu.hk

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