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Summerbridge Hong Kong

Summerbridge Hong Kong is a nonprofit organization that creates educational opportunities for highly motivated underserved high school students in Hong Kong. It provides tuition-free quality English education and life skills development.

The Summerbridge (Breakthrough Collaborative) organization started in San Francisco in 1978 and has now expanded to over 30 sites including our program in Hong Kong. Summerbridge Hong Kong ("Summerbridge") is a charitable organization that provides a tuition-free year round academic and personal enrichment summer and after school program. Unique to this project and key to its success is the ‘students-teaching-students’ model offering academically successful high school and college students opportunities to teach and administer programs to highly motivated economically underserved Form 2 and Form 3 (Gr. 8/9) students. This model creates a dynamic learning environment in which young people are both the initiators and beneficiaries of the educational process. Summerbridge immerses local Chinese students from underserved backgrounds in a challenging and fun academic environment. Our program is almost entirely run by student volunteers from secondary schools and universities in the US, UK, Canada and Hong Kong, making it unique among English and academic tuition programs in Hong Kong.

For our young students involved in the program, the main goals are: improve English communication skills; build confidence, interpersonal skills, and develop independent learners. For our student volunteers who come from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds, it aims to foster cross-cultural exchange and a sense of civic duty.

Address:Unit 2803, 28/F,248 Queens Road East
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Tel: 2761-4444
Fax: 2762-1019
Email: sbhk@summerbridge.org.hk
Web: http://www.summerbridge.org.hk

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