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Autism Partnership School believes that children with Autism, like their peers, are entitled to the same right of QUALITY education.

Their unfortunate deficiency should not be seen as an obstracle to benefit from high quality education; but rather, we and society at large should provide further assistance, patience, and care in teaching these children so they, too, like their typically developed children, have a chance to benefit from quality schooling, social life, and contribute to society.

Children with Autism do not lack potential but rather they lack the SKILLS to manifest.

Autism Partnership School devotes ourselves in teaching them the right skills so they too can enjoy life outside their own world and discover their own talents and dreams. We strongly believe that improvement and integration for these children are possible and vital. Their education should be taken scientifically, professionally and seriously so their hidden potentials do not go into waste.

With our many years of experience in consulting and training school districts in the USA, Dr. Ron Leaf, Dr. John McEachin, and Mr. Toby Mountjoy decided, in January 2007, to set up the first registered primary classroom to specially cater for these children who may not benefit from mainstream school placements. From one classroom with 8 students, our school has grown over the years and now, we are operating 4 English classrooms and 2 Cantonese classroom with 34 students (as of March 2010).

To many of our “graduates” who have later integrated into mainstream classes, our school had given them all the necessary training for a stress-free school life—from learning behavior and emotion control to how to make friends. As for those who continue require learning support, Autism Partnership School has become a truly meaningful school where we provide individuals with tailor-made, functional curriculum designed according to their specific learning needs.

Our future plans are to move to a bigger premise that can include a secondary school for the children when they get older and provide vocational training. In addition finding a premise that is provided with nominal rental will reduce the fees that our students have to pay which makes education even more accessible to children with autism.



Teaching children with Autism is a very unique profession. It requires effort, patience, enthusiasm, and commitment. And if you want to be a professional teacher in the field of Autism, it requires much more than that. You have to be:

    A university graduate or equivalent;
    A creative and critical thinker;
    Willing to learn;
    Fluent in Cantonese & English
    Enjoy working with children

Please send your resume to our school. We are looking for high caliber candidates who can excel in the field.
intensive training

Our intensive training will prepare you with all the skills needed for the job. As a Junior Classroom Teacher, you will be responsible for:  

    Implementing recommended treatment programs
    Observing and recording children’s behavior
    Monitoring student’s progress
    Communicating with senior staff
    Assisting in clinical meetings
    Attending in-service training

2/F 17B Ventris Road,
Happy Valley, HK
Tel: 2526-3061
Fax: 2526-3229
Email: info@apschool.edu.hk