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English Lessons - by an experienced native English tutor from the UK. Children up to eight years.

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Hello, I am Ms Sara and welcome to Happy English!

I was born in England and spent all my life there until recently moving to Hong Kong. As a native English speaker I have a clear, neutral and easy to understand voice.

After obtaining my A levels I attended a well reputed British university where I achieved a Bachelor of Arts in English (Hons) with Psychology. I have also gained certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) with additional specialities of Early Learning and One to One. I also achieved certification in screenwriting from The Screenwriters University. Whilst living in Oxford I worked for Oxford University Press which gave me an invaluable insight into English language teaching through their many established learning materials. I have been teaching young children English in the UK for six years.

All lessons take place in my home at The Long Beach, Tai Kok Tsui, in a specially allocated room designed to motivate, inspire, and stimulate young minds.I provide all the materials needed for the lesson which include, but is not limited to, reading and educational books, paint, crafting materials, crayons/coloured pencils, puppets, play doh, whiteboard, to name a few. I also utilise my laptop in lessons for listening to songs and rhymes.

I create the majority of my teaching materials myself. This allows me to tailor specific materials for your child and their learning requirements. I use my own flashcards, puzzles, worksheets etc. I provide each child with their own exercise book which will return home with them at the end of each lesson. This lets you see their progress and what they have done in the lesson.

You can find furthur details and information on my website www.happyenglishhk.com

Prices are $400 (HK) per hour for a dedicated one to one lesson or $300 (HK) per child for a lesson with two students.


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