Mentorhood Math

What is Mentorhood Mathematics?

Mentorhood Mathematics is an academic enrichment program designed for all children whose parents understand that Math is not just about numbers, rules and operations; it is about connections and seeing relationships in everyday life. Our program helps students to reason, to connect ideas, and to think logically.
Why choose Mentorhood Mathematics?

We are not about the calculating speed or operation rules; we are about the ability to reason and to apply Math in every circumstance in life – including academic performance, children’s cognitive development and social communication skills.

Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) is a teaching and learning theory in mathematics education that was developed by the Freudenthal Institute in the Netherlands.
“Mathematics must be connected to reality and mathematics as human activity.”

“Engedering opportunities for students to present mathematical solutions in multiple ways (e.g. symbols, graphs, tables and words) is one tool for cognitive development in this stage (Concrete Operational stage-Elementary and early adolescence).” (Ojose, 2008)

“The best way to teach preschool children (or students of any age) is in a purposeful manner — in a context that has a purpose to the child. Teaching moments can be created by playing a game that involves mathematics (e.g. recognizing the number of dots on a die or a domino). Everyday activities provide a wealth of real learning opportunities …… Basically, teachers [and parents] need to find or manufacture situations that create a real need on the part of the child to use, and thus learn or practice math.”

by Arthur Baroody
Professor, College of Education
University of Illinois
Mentorhood Mathematics understands:

♦ The importance of activities and math games.

Children in our program will engage in such interactive environment and they are encouraged to speak out their minds and thoughts.

♦ Different methods are more meaningful to different children.

It is essential to provide different ways of thinking and problem solving methods to students. Our program teaches different mental math skills and  problem solving methods.

Teaching Medium

Materials are in English, Chinese supplementary exercises are provided according to students’ needs.
Activities and games are conducted in English.

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2 - 12 歲
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