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Looker training

更新於: 2023-04-29 刊登者: mszeto889
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This Looker training covers concepts from Basic level to advance level.  Whether you are individual or corporate client we can customize training course content as per your requirement.  And can arrange this Looker training as per your pace.

This Looker training will help you learn how to leverage this platform to make collecting, visualizing, and analyzing data a bit easier. 


Looker is a data-discovery app that provides innovative data exploration functionalities for businesses both large and small. With it, they can access a web-based interface where they can easily get real-time insights on their operations via data analytics.

Looker uses modeling language LookML and enable business user to explore data without knowledge of sql. Looker reduced the failure rate of embedded analytics journey. Looker marketed a data exploration and discovery business intelligence platform. Looker is based on SQL. Looker focuses on an app server that has APIs to plug-in D3/any JavaScript and other visualization tools for customization.

This Looker training will cover basic Analytics, Looker Product Description, Working of Looker, Looker Features, Looker Advanced Features, LookML, Operations and Logistics etc.

Complete Customization of Looker training’s course content is possible for Individual student and for Corporate.  Looker online training is available for individual and for corporate we may arrange the classroom as well. For more information on Looker training do connect us.

For details kindly connect us.