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HK Assignment Helper coaching & writing services!!

Whatsapp: 5605 3266

Email: [email protected]

Web: http:www.facebook.com/KINGSASSIGNMENT 


About us:

We are formed by a group of professionals with strong academic backgrounds and specialization experiences in different areas. With KK sir coaching, we have helped over 200 students to accomplish their college degree completion for years.


Why choosing us?

- Having headache of assignment writing

- No idea about the direction & guideline of your assignment

- Good quality of work


What we offer?

We aim to deliver professional level of assignment writing services to college students covering the below categories:

-  Subjects: Business/Commercial related subject assignments (e.g. Business, Supply Chain, Commercial, Strategic Management, etc.)

-  Level: From degree level towards Master level -Scope of essay: Assignment, dissertation & other research papers

- Anti Plagiarism mechanism: Pro-active system to avoid plagiarism of all assignment works for processing


How to place order to us?

1. First email inquiry: Email us at [email protected] or whatsapp us at 5605 3266 for your inquiry with assignment requirements, wording limit and deadline of submission

2. Assignment Quotation: We will reply to your inquiry with our quote price

3. Assignment Confirmation: Once we receive your confirmation of the Order via email, we will further request any additional information if required.

4. Payment: At least 2 installments of payment for all assignment cases

- 40% deposit: You are required to make 40% deposit of total payment into our bank account

- 60% balance payment: We will submit the assignment draft (50% completed version) to you for review. If ok, You need to settle the remaining 60% balance payment into our bank account. Afterwards, we will email You the completed version of assignment

5. Changes/Revision of Dissertation: We allow modifications and changes of research project or dissertation paper in considering the complexity level of the assignment and required time for processing, to be reviewed case by case.

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