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Jolly Phonics英語拼音 荃灣/東涌上門 (Jolly Phonics證書導師任教)


Reader Tots Jolly Phonics by a certified Jolly  Phonics Teacher  

如何助你的孩子正確讀出zoo而不會讀成soo,ring而不會讀成  wing? 讓孩子參加我的Jolly Phonics課程,並在家中以約32課堂時間(視乎學生學習進度),以遊戲及活動式等的拼音練習學會42個英語基本讀音,拼音技巧及一些基本生字,以幫助孩子閱讀及正確發音。

Reader Tots 是一個以兒童快樂學習為本的課程,另設LEGO會話班。詳情請瀏覽readertots.weebly.com,亦可電郵至readertots@gmail.com或Whatsapp/致電 5742 8665 報名或查詢。


Getting your child to say "zoo" instead of "soo" or "ring" rather than "wing" can be difficult. Let your child join Reader Tots Jolly Phonics program and learn all 42 sounds and the tricky words in about 32 lessons (depends on students learning progression) held in your home. They are filled with fun activities and useful blending exercises!


Reader Tots is a child-oriented private tutoring program. It provides more than just phonics classes. Find out more about Reader Tots and the programs at readertots.weebly.com

or call or whatsapp to make an appointment with teacher Crystal 

Tel: (+852) 5742 8665



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