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專業成人油畫班 (星期3,4,5) 及 自助繪畫設施, 開放式大型自助廚房, 巨型畫架, 私人會所, 整潔衛生, 一個月費享有所有設備, 畫畫, 烹飪, 音樂, 影視娛樂, PARTY, 無限時間及次數!

導師於美國主流大學畢業主修美術. 能提供專業繪畫課程或單一教學. 收費合理. || 專業成人畫班包括畫具及教材1300元4堂完整課程.||  首次成為會員只需1280元- 月費包括所有設備: 畫具, 廚房, 音響, PS4, 等等千四尺空間...  而且冇限鐘數, 冇限日期 || "Walk-In" 自助畫油畫 250元三小時 || "Walk-In" 自助畫油畫 400元全日. 電話9359-2299


Membership 會籍

Standard Membership – 1600 1280 HKD / First month (Age 13+)

  • Access to studio space and other utilities 

  • Space to secure unfinished art work

  • Space to secure personal art supply

  • Advance booking

  • One standard size canvas can be claimed each month

  • One hour art instruction for free each month

  • Art instruction discount

Lite Membership** –  1000 HKD / month (Age 13+)

  • Access to studio space during weekdays daytime (Tue-Fri, From Open – 6:00 pm)**

  • Space to secure unfinished art work

  • Space to secure personal art supply

  • One standard size canvas can be claimed each month

  • Art instruction discount


Art Instruction 私人教學

Instruction for Studio Member and his/her Party: 70 HKD / hour (minimum 30 min)

Instruction for Non-Member and his/her Party: 80 HKD / hour (minimum 30 min)

(Booking in advance is recommended)


Painting Introduction Course 成人繪畫班

Introduction course – 1300 HKD (Class begin with 5 or more)

  • 2 hours lesson each week for 4 weeks.

  • All supply fee included.

  • Introduce an array of painting equipments.

  • Demonstrate basic painting techniques and procedure.

  • Study the concept of Light & Dark, utilize their contrast to your advantage.

  • Study the theory of color mixing and practice mixing the color you want.

  • Exercise on Still life study.

  • Exercise on landscape study.

  • Exercise on self-brought subject.

  • Short discussion on art history related issue.

  • Answer painting related questions.

  • Occasional wine tasting (Age 18+)


Child Lesson 兒童教學

Child lessons are not given to a class. Instead is taught in a “Master to Apprentice” method. Student is given assignment according to their artist preference, ability, and personality. Please fill out an application for your child. And we will attempt to schedule a good time for the lesson. (Please note that the instructor may not be available to all applicants.)



Short section – 250 HKD

  • 3 hours access to studio space and other utilities

  • 3 hours access to studio equipments

Long Section – 400 HKD

  • One day access to studio space and other utilities

  • One day access to studio equipments


Event & Reservation 租場或宴會

Our facility is available for short term tenancy (hourly). Interested parties are welcome to brief us with their arrangement for reservation. Since the difference in arrangement may ultimately affect the amount of effort required for our perpetration and restoration, the estimate for each reservation will vary base on above factors*.

  • Reservation can happen on a closing day.

  • Reservation requires security deposit (20% of total balance) before its confirmed.

  • Set up for each reservation may occur 30 mins before it begins.

  • Pets are not allowed.

  • Open flame** and smoking are not allowed.

  • Additional agreements may stand.


For inquiry please submit your call or email to us. 

Tel: 93592299/whatsapp | E-mail: studio943@hotmail.com

歡迎查詢, 請電93592299/whatsapp 或 Email 至 studio943@hotmail.com

地點: 鰂魚涌英皇道943號1樓 (地鐵B出口行<1分鐘)   1/F, 943 Kings Rd, Quarry Bay (MTR Exit-B)


Opening Hours: 

Mon: Close

Tue: 11:30 am – 10:30 pm

Wed: 11:30 am – 10:30 pm

Thu: 11:30 am – 10:30 pm

Fri: 11:30 am – 11:30 pm

Sat: 12:30 pm –  6:30 pm

Sun: 12:30 pm – 10:30 pm


繪畫, DIY手工藝, 紙藝, 其他
星期二, 星期三, 星期四, 星期五, 星期六, 星期日, 公眾假期
其他, 私人教授, 自組小組
Mall-E 精選產品